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some highlights from last nite

ripped these from keira’s post.

i am cherokee.

getting my bowling outfit together.

mutton chops? fil is v tired he finally hit the wall i hit the day before. he drove all the way out to abbotsford to chad kroeger’s compound to deliver a custom 20k gibson guitar that will be unveiled at the junos. dude’s like upper echelon hollywood rich the place was incredible, lets leave it at that.

bumped into an awesome street show on the way to bowling.

awesome kid talking mad shit about the french crabby owner man who laced the inner-roof with crazy toys and junk. got it on video.

anytime you need a picture ruined i’m your girl. hi rebecca!

a classy moment in time. plenty more to come.

fil won. he sucked terribly until i taught him how to aim. dick.

my signature move is to hook my right foot behind like on tv.

ciavarro and patz came out too, you’ll see their mugs in the next post.

last last nite.

ugh. i am SO happy i didn’t chow down on anything before bed. thank you fil for listening to me when i told you not to let me do that. oh yeah we stupidly ended the nite at this fake irish bar called ceili’s and it smelled putrid and sour, everyone said it was bleach (i don’t know what that smells like cos i am a hippie with flowers in my hair) but to me it was just stench so foul i only had a water then we packed’er in.

ga-blah. that’s the noise i make when i burp, it is a nice sound.

turns out the pool/tub across the way does not belong to our hotel. boo. ours is indoors and shittier. oh well, gonna hit it today anyway.

15 thoughts on “some highlights from last nite

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  2. Oh my god! A whole blog about you, with photos that make your life look more interesting than the average Joe when, really, it’s not. Chicken wings, pseudo-hipster guys with 5 0’clock shadows and bowling? Charming.

    How interesting…Zzzzz.

  3. hahah “stella” you’re from burnaby. BURNaby. zzz your fucking self. ps. you wish one second of your life was interesting, sorry i have more game on your own turf than you ever will.

    ps. not sorry.

    do you even know who the fuck i am? this is one post from one day in my life, you are a tool if it struck a chord so strong within you. LOSER.

  4. Aww raymi is in Vancouver…how did I miss that? I guess not reading your blog for a few days can do that. I’ll be on the lookout.

  5. haha oh…i’m just grasping at memories through you. got similar ones there when i lived there.

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