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fields of flowers deep in his dreams

hope i don’t regret this move.

oh, how did they know?

oh my rocky.

please don’t cut his hair again dad.

killin’ time.


you can’t tell but this is one of those move past it images and it moves? you know if you put your nails across it it makes the zippery sound, i have no idea what it’s called, 80’s chic?

my little shadow.

you’re not supposed to be down here.

dr. robert is my dad’s band cute no?

this brings back a flood of memories, it’s direct number one memory is my grandfather talking to me on the back porch and i remember feeling special by the attention and i think he got that i was a smart kid from the line of questioning he was firing at me plus we were playing this, i don’t remember how old i was.

there are certain people in your lifetime you never get over the deaths of.


my niece on the right, such a beautiful baby. she’s ten now, time flies.

i want a new shower curtain again already.

see you next friday at the slye fox in burlington, it will be a good time.

plus! you can dine on finery such as this fox tail then feel like shit for the rest of the nite like me, wicked.

i almost missed my train got in line behind a clueless old woman buying a ticket for another day of travel i rolled my eyes like crazy at the ticket booth guy and he was like I KNOW over her head seriously can you not notice the stampede of people doing the peepee dance in line behind you and a train on the tracks ready to go wait one fucking minute until we leave to buy your ticket you nervous ninny!

meanwhile, back on the funny farm…

ahhh so much for sitting on my ass all day i must go meet up with fil to take pictures of him getting a haircut from a new place (for him) for my blog. i am out of conditioner and i don’t feel like getting dressed to go out and get more just to come back to get undressed, shower, to go out again. dirtbag city it is then. originally the offer was for me to get a cut but like dude, i’m growing this mop to my waist not necessary, so i then offered up fil cos he is in dire need of a cut. lets see how metrosexual they make him haha i bet he’s nervous cos he has been going to the same guy for years, travels all the way to the burbs for it, completely arranges our schedule around it remember that steph?

19 thoughts on “fields of flowers deep in his dreams

  1. is there an easy way to get to the Slye Fox by Go Train at all? cos I’d love to come check out the band.

  2. the rainbow picture-that’s called lenticular. i used to call it winky when i was a kid but someone rudely corrected me as an adult and it stuck.

  3. Yeah, they’re lenticulars. My old boss used to be obsessed with them. Haha, I’m commenting just to agree with a person who already commented.


  4. the band name Dr. Robert is soooooo cooooooooooo-el!

    the zippery sound description made me shudder and made my arm hair stand on end. i think that means you’re a good writer. just please don’t write about flicking your nail across drywall or chewing on tin foil.

  5. ugh my teeth hurt now i will pass on to my dad that a hot babe likes his band name why don’t you come out with steph my brother and all his thug friends will be there hahaha

  6. hey, that flyer of nirvana, is fake. the pic does not match with the date. dave came to play drums with nirvana until oct 11 of 1990. first show with kurt and krist actually. nice page you have here, regards from Skuh Lee.

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