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stop spittin’ on girls you love

blue t-shirt cheated a lot and was a bit of a sore sport. we caught a lot of people cheating, i yelled at many. people would get tapped by the ball and spin around in a circle like they’re wearing an invisibility cloak then keep playing as if no one noticed YEAH I SAW YOU GET HIT YOU’RE OUT. so irritating. fil has a picture of blue shirt cheating too, over the line picking up a ball. haha.

total personal trainer, that chick can launch ‘em. i dodged ‘em all. her bf is the ringer i got out.

how many stink-eyes can you count?

kelowna the fairy.

dekel the unprepared guy, actually plays dodgeball, doesn’t bring any of his own props.

i spied my nerd glasses last minute on the way out, phewf, played in ‘em the entire time too.

my teammates, i imparted my amazing dodgeball wisdom on blondy and she actually went with it. don’t be over-zealous all the time, kinda lay back and let others get picked off, be invisible, cherry pick basically eat up time by dodging around.

so awesome.

corner right, the ringer, best player ever.

sitting here to watch was very thrilling and dangerous.

worst team photo ever much. next time i’ll prop it up on a crate i guess or maybe not be a wimp and ask someone to take it for us.

during a break we had chicken fries from kfc, ugh.

second place is alright i guess (SO ISN’T) fil noticed that i am way more competitive than he is, well yeah, there’s fun and there’s winning then there’s fun and losing, which do you prefer?

in our play-off game against these clowns (ha) i noticed they were playing the same dudes back to back to back, unfair, so i tried to rally my team to do the same but everyone felt douchey about that, so we lost. it was close.

paddy jane’s outfit was insane too bad i didn’t get a picture of it before she changed.

yeah yeah happy birthday suck on that chris!

i’ll put up my video again so we can all enjoy the spazz one more time.

dodgeballerz from raymi lauren on Vimeo.

woah this posted at 11:11 everyone make a stupid wish in my comments i promise it won’t come true!

ps. and can someone please help out my friend joaquin come on people dude needs a little intervention right about now.

15 thoughts on “stop spittin’ on girls you love

  1. I wish for the 33 Million in the 6/49 draw tonight.
    If I win, I’ll let you know…we’ll rent out a karaoke bar for a week…a residency of sorts.

  2. Oh god, Joaquin…I sincerely hope the whole thing is a joke because otherwise it’s just too sad.

    On a lighter note, the nerd glasses totally made the outfit.

  3. Wow, i love the one where you are sitting in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs with your legs stretched out- didn’t know you were moonlighting for American Apparel! Lookin’ good. Plus, mad props for the bravery it must’ve took to actually play a game of dodgeball (with “adults”, no less; ha, we all know that no one ever truly grows up)… i was totally the chubby girl in phys ed. that everyone threw their balls at. Yep, i was That Girl. ::shiver::

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