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guess what!


i blew my voice out singing karaoke on playstation christmas eve and now i talk like the chick from superbad and i am in tons of pain awesome. what?! no one could beat me so i kept going and going and going then woke up talking like a dude.

did y’all have god christmaseseseses? did you get good shit? crap? monies? returnies?

i got us a new shower curtain and framed fil’s degree.

i am painfully coughing up interesting looking things (not even a smoker!)(but i’ve noticed how not grey and dirty they are) and the stuff coming out of my nose is just, phenomenal.

guys i fucking suck.

i got the robe i wanted and lots of loot, thanks everyone! more later i feel like shit.

oh and you’ll be happy to know i gained back all the weight i lost from being sick fucking fuck.

oh yeah i wrote something once…


This morning I unwrapped my copy of Marketable Depression and went on to read it in about an hour, but I felt it necessary to say that the “i like the crazy girl next door” story was quite possibly one of the greatest things I have read in a very very long time.

So much so that I called my boyfriend and read it out-loud to him.

He agrees.

Merry Christmas!!!

One thought on “guess what!

  1. raymi i think you have/had the flu. i had the same thing. it sucked a lot, right? yea. its good that you’re coughing things up, getting rid of the sickness, ..ok feel better:)

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