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hey guys

fil and i are going to do anniversary dinner tonite a day early WHERE SHOULD WE GO? is sassafraz crap? neither of us have been before is the hype even worth it? maybe for comedy’s sake it is. spying on show boaters is one of my favourite hobbies. the c5 prix fixe dinner menu does not excite me, for main your choice is pizza or pasta and i’m trying to wean myself from carbs again (even though i made love to some sweet lulu last nite and fil’s leftovers for most of today) so pasta bread is a no no. i’m also paranoid the portions will be tiny modernist size, like uh thanks for the handful of lettuce and that one oyster. guh. buh. fuh. muh?

i just tried on my slutty nun costume with wig and there is no way i am ever wearing it again so who wants a nun costume? pfft “again” i never even wore it out period!

oh that picture of me up there reading reminds me of this one a bit, i believe i am 17 here and this was at the italian bar/cafe in streetsville i used to go to during my spares to drink then not bother going back to school (i know!)(and they served me!)(how pretentious!) and oh whatever everyone else was going to class on acid. i would be one of the only customers and i’d drink specialty coffees, then come back later at nite with buds and sometimes have difficulty getting in, until they recognized me more as the loner girl who wrote in her journal in a booth. oh man the myspace jokes just write themselves don’t they?

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1. the old guy screaming woke me up this morning after fil went to work and he just fired it up again, i was about to scream at his door but fil called, he got lucky.

2. someone at the end of the hall used the garbage chute last nite at 12.30 fucking scoundrel, wait til i’m naked and can’t run after you. he too got lucky.

3. the bad kids are in the park right now and i am coincidentally googling crossbows.

4. that ISN’T a coincidence.

5. remind me to call the city about the little building in that park, someone unlocked the door somehow and the kids enjoy slamming it over and over and over again and probably touch each other when they go inside and i bet come snow time it will be hobo haven. they’re thinking of turning it into a dog park. what is more annoying: children screaming when i’m hungover OR dogs barking when i’m hungover? thanks to these twerps i am looking forward to sub zero temperatures. not so fun hanging around a park then eh?

can i hire this girl after school you think?

also you know when you’re in a funk and decide to treat yourself to some shitty television programming as a gift to comfort your sad little self – why come it makes you feel ten times worse WITHOUT FAIL? like saved by the bell the new class ugh. i’m waiting for full house to come on to save me from this crap. ok TMI. ok wait i feel better than these actors right now actually. yesterday though, this made me down right sour. can you tell i am procrastinating from putting together a dinner outfit?

ok i super hate this Natalia Cigliuti chick for some reason she is making me wicked incensed, i think it’s because her hair is tucked behind each ear and she has bobby pins on top of that and her hair is mid-length and she’s just way too physical with all that fucking hair and head shaking and earnest facial expressions. also seeing as each character is meant to somewhat replace the previous cast, this chick just doesn’t compare to kelly kapowski at all. don’t pretend this shit doesn’t bug you too.

ok right now they’re all getting in shit from mr. belding about custom designed nikes (as air screech), he says it’s illegal. dude! too bad mr. belding didn’t have the foresight to get himself a crystal ball, moron.

i can’t even promise that i will never blog about this show again.

oh man this episode of FH is tops.

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