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snug as a fug

hangovers, for one and all!

shut up i KNOW it’s rIesling not rEEsling i was trying to be funny, though, it’s one of those words i constantly say wrong, you know when you hear a word for the first time and someone says it wrong forever after that is how you say it? like how i say auntie’s and auntie’s thanks to samir fudging it up once. anties and AUnties, i at least pronounce each auntie’s differently.

EDIT: omfg it IS rEEsling. guh! see!? can never get it right!

breakfast beer.

i got up early and thought it was going to be all over but i powered through and successfully got my shit together. shit as in whiskey and coffee.

then a million fried eggs.

dave just informed me he somehow lost a pound this weekend. i no longer feel bad for him.

then i put on some real clothes.

to get your own onesie outfit what looks like you dumped in your pants, visit SNUGASABUG. they have so many different prints to choose from and ones with trap doors too, and matching pet collars and other retarded things.

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