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ok i’m not 100% decided on gwen, the style of wig i bought is similar to her wind it up gucci style look, her at her most crazy i think. bonus, i have a slutty nun costume to complete the ensemble. though there are many options of outfit to choose from really. my other blond haired idea is debbie harry, probably the outfit from the rapture video (short shorts, black tube top, pumps) or white dress (and then everyone will say hey it’s marilyn monroe all nite long wicked). i also considered shera until i googled it and found nothing but shitty dumpy homemade costumes, pass. if you have any other blond hair people i can emulate let me know. ooh maybe i can get a red bathing suit and do baywatch? too cold? fuck i’d have to get a brazillian for that.

to help decide on how to cast your ballot, here’s some debbie vs. gwen photos to aid you.

i could cut the bangs to be precisely blunt.

if i go as blondie i can have messier hair but i’ll have to get the makeup dead right. you can’t tell from this still but she’s wearing short shorts, watch the video.

i have a shit ton of sunglasses to choose from.

interesting, maybe i could two-tone the hair using my own? no too complicated.

i have a military type jacket i’m skinny enough to button up by now, with patches.

darker eyebrows than hair, i have those.

go all out crazy nun gwen?

cool outfit, excuse to get gold lam-ay pants from AA that i would never ever wear again ever.

whomever i end up going as i am not looking forward to wearing heels.

classic dress i have no chance in hell of ever finding.

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