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where is your lesbian cup?

me: this is me

Chloe: thats how Ive felt this year.

me: ha

Chloe: all my most important relationships have been maintained long distance

me: i feel that fat when ive been online too long on the couch

Chloe: I just start to feel soft
the one time i had an full time office job I got fat and soft
and cranky

me: yikes
unemployment is the key to a trim waistline

Chloe: ha.

me: im uploading likely the most embarrassing dance video ever
fil went to be a lesbian at noahs

Chloe: I dont know, I was pretty embarrassed by that video of me dancing around you at karoake

me: oh right!

Chloe: i mean fuck am i really that lame when i drink

me: but im singing so well
it was good lame!!!
in god’s country/chloe’s awesome dance skills

Chloe: sometimes when I do something, I imagine some overweight 45 year old single man doing it
if it is pathetic on on him, it cant be that great for me

me: anything a 45 yr old overweight man does is not good
bad comparison
picture your mom doing it

Chloe: haha. oh that is even worse

me: ive seen how my mom dances
and we all make the same I AM DANCING dance face
which makes it worse

Chloe: ok- that video. dont see how it is embarrassing

me: which vid

Chloe: oh fuck i hate catching myself making the dancing face

me: did i send u the right clip

Chloe: and I cant help it either

me: its the same face i make when i try on a hat
in the mirror

Chloe: it is a video of the highway

me: like that hat was invented for me
oh ok buzznet links always fuck up

Chloe: ahha, it is the same face my mom makes when she is fixing her hair in the mirror

me: i meant to send u the one of me singing and u dancing around me like a carousel

Chloe: or basically anytime she looks in the mirror

me: yeah me too
ive noticed ive been pursing my lips a lot unnecesarily lately
my nana does it

Chloe: ahha, I know now I cant stop.
Im going to have the worst thin old lady lips
and ill do it all the time

me: im going to have fat puckery ones with ten hundred lines coming out of them

Chloe: anus mouth pout

me: ungh yeah i had to delete a ton of pictures from last nite my lips looked like goatse
w/o lipstick

Chloe: ahha. funny

me: and the more you drink the more you do it
i think i lost my A-game

Chloe: this is so embarrassing I swear to god dont show people this:
(picture url)

Chloe: yeah

me: you are so grooving
i just showed fil he appreciates it

Chloe: hah. fil is allowed to see

me: he chuckled
where is this

Chloe: I saw that and was like oh god the dance face is SO lame
and now i cant not think about it when i dance

me: its a bad white people trait
we get all amped to dance we overshoot it entirely

Chloe: ha true.Im trying to picture a black person doing it, and I just cant
then again, now that I think about it, a rarely dance with black people.

me: they have a dance face but for them its like an extra part of their dance routine like it’s meant to be
like in music videos
picturing that
if they got a white person extra in the background they’re like well great we cant use this
its good lame! (your picture)
you do lame good hey you should register that oh wait YOU DID ALREADY

Chloe: ahha. if I ever change the name, it will be to ‘its a good lame’
or: youdolamegood

me: thats very hooky a la martha stewart

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