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girl pRon post!

alicia is in the middle of a summer nail polish crisis (her period) so i went the distance and gayed out all over my babies. yes it’s true, exercise makes you(r blog) gay and boring. AND skinny. this little activity was about to get supes anal/OCD so i halted it. thanks for the blog murterial risha (that’s TWO links to yer blog in two days now)(you’re welcome)(learn how to link back to my blog).

i think i’ll put that periwinkle blue on my toenails next.

and here we have the uh, boring paired down soldiers, i don’t know any beauty terms sorry.

oh fine, something for the boys, courtesy of fil:

arran: hey, you should take pictures of all of your nail pol-
oh you already have

me: HAHAHA fuck off

arran: drip

me: i havent even blogged them yet stop stalking my flickr

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