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i got a small sized levi’s skirt circa 1999 (2 dollars was supposed to be 50 cents according to meryl but she was wrong, green tag day is not monday, white tag day is monday) from the salvation army fuck it could even be late 80s, the point is it’s highwaisted, no, not the blog, and the only way i can pull it off is by tucking a shirt in, which i have yet to road test. are you a tucker-inner? i’m not, fil is when it’s cold and i never tire of burning him on that, he tucks in his t-shirt and then layers a sweater over. oh and this skirt has a slit up the front, i know look out peg bundy. we’ll see how long i can hold off turning it into a suicide mini skirt, oh and it can only be worn on a skinny day the thing goes more than halfway up my goddamn torso. this post is basically a hello new world of tucking in shirts it’s been so long how’s grade school been treating you? tell vanilla ice i’m on my way over.

dan was the headliner at sunday’s jamboree chez emm/sean‘s, before that andrew played before him, and then it was wolfkraft (<3!) the entire experience was so so cute and fun, very hippie'd out, lots of kids sitting with star sunglasses on, good friends and family, sigh. i have a lot of sweet footage and more pics you will get to see sometime this decade i swear.

anything you ever needed to know about every single fashionable japanese girl book, i ate it up.

poor sod wow i totally feel for that dude.

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