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what’cha think you’re gonna do thats worthwhile when theres nothin new

so i got a store credit for my ripped shirt, they didn’t have it at this location so i got a new dress instead, and another one. i was pretty close to getting the marimekko bikini or trying it on rather.

this is a size 6, smallest they had in black, the sizing at h&m is wonky, 8s feel like 6s, 4s look like 10s. sigh.

holy pipes much?

this is a 4.

i bought this too.

i was half feelin’ this polygamy dress, i think it was a 6 or an 8, either way it was way too much material and a total sweat magnet.

cute though with pockets, i like the A-line thing happening right now.

when am i expecting?

and this would be the dumpy potato angle.

oh hi we has a winner.

this was taken at the end of the nite before bed.

just a bit loadedskies.

help there’s a ghost after bonin’ me!

alas, the only penis i got last nite (fil’s sick).

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