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fil came home early he broke his swipe card so i had to go down to let him in, on the fone he says CAN YOU GO DOWN TO THE GARAGE AND STEP ON THE CENSOR LINE TO OPEN THE GARAGE DOOR? uh dude how about i just go down one floor and get in the car with you and you can just swipe my card so i don’t have to go down two floors and walk all the way around the garage to the door that’s like 3 unnecessary extra things to do. he says he is feeling sick and achey i asked if it wasn’t something zelda could cure and yep wouldn’t you know it he is already playing, yesterday 2 minutes after he came in the door he was playing it. i’m gonna need to have an affair.

i think i have index finger cancer or i will have it soon cos of my missing ‘s’ key.

on christmas before we drove home from oakville we went by my grandma’s house so i could take a picture of it and it was pretty spooky to see it all empty and dark in the rain. sigh. it makes me sad to think about it, it’s like losing a friend.

last nite i bought these aged white cheddar baked kettle chips, i didn’t realise they were baked tho so all the way home i was fantasizing about putting my face into this bag full of greasy cheesy amazingness and then i got home ate one and discovered that they are the opposite of delicious. around midnite i drunk-snacked them thinking i am half asleep and wasted perhaps they will taste better. nope. so i dipped them in hot sauce.

more amazing stories to come.

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