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You seem like the kind of chick that I see at the Death From Above

1979 concert in two weeks. the vice piece was good shit and spiderman

doing theat gay tai chi-it’s uber something.consider me a newfound


the rock ‘n’ roll nigga

yeh i know/knew those guys when i lived in toronto and i use to work

at vice so i have the shit on everything and i invented cool and i

reminisce about stupid crap like i am from vietnam. thank u for


so u were in brooklyn then toronto. so where are you now? because

wherever it is, you vice credibility deems that it is the apex of

cool. whoops I meant to say DECK, which is wack. vietnam was crazy, i

know because i’ve seen full metal jacket, platoon, jacob’s ladder,

apocalypse now and redux. now that’s a tour of duty.

one question…why does vice continue to be so god-damned popular when

the reality is that it hates itself?

because they expanded worldwide [broke foreign market] that is how they are popular. and i don’t live anywhere cool or uncool that’s the point, you have to make

your own scene happen anyplace, whatever you need to be happy. not

caring is what cool is suppose to be about i suppose. but u have to

care just a little bit. it’s tricky. i like your blog. you seem cool in my books which is the book of anti-cool which means nerds/geeks are better anyway and if they’re smart can hide their geekiness with cute clothes. yar!

ok i admit it world – i am cool-obsessed.


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