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hung with adan and company last nite and we talked about whoring around and how he is all unhappy over it and we think it’s ‘cos of the change of seasons ‘cos everyone wants a boyfriend/girlfriend right now to cuddle around and be all winter-fat with.

i know. lame.

we’re such a needy species.

and the whole time i was being all i understand this i understand that you are stressed ‘cos of this dur dur dur and i am looking around the room at people and trying to figure them out and this one guy makes a point to go bye adan out the door he goes and adan says i have never seen that guy before in my life i don’t know who the fuck he is and i said well he obviously was touched by you and made a point to remember who you were so maybe you should pay attention to people

some annoying crap like that

and adan really didn’t care he only wanted a hug

we also complained about b-rad and how he has some girl and now adan is annoyed ‘cos it means he has to look at himself and his life and go oh ok i can’t keep all these hussies it is expensive and it makes me sad

so i offered hang out platonic time

and he was all, yeh this sadness-thing will be over in three days no thanks, basically

and i was fine with that

so we parted ways and now adan is at work talking to roughly 300 people on the phone all day long getting contracts for music groups and finding the venue, something with finances, whatever, he’s like tom cruise in vanilla sky, going to inherit the company anyway, tho’ it doesn’t mean the job ain’t draining and tough

i take people as seriously as they take themselves and then a little bit more

happy wednesday.

i suggest you guys go see the grudge in theatres now.

it’s vurry scurry.

-phlegm factory.

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