sometimes i woke up way before the rest of the world did on this side of the world it felt like and i would stand around dance around clean around and generally, be angry for being awake and then little by little they would awake and i would be hi hi hii and they would be it is 10 o’clock and i would go it is?

you can’t be angry for being chemically imbalanced, it is something you can’t help, you just can’t help it.

it’s a temporary thing, honestly, knowingly.

my papa tole my mum that he he tole hisself to just stop analyzing people, just, to stop it.


i agree.

i don’t want to know people anymore. i don’t want to think that i know them, and i don’t want to show or to prove, that i know them, anymore.

and this fucking “awareness” is bollocks.

it’s the seasons that do me in. the repeats on telly and the new commercials.

seeing spots where there are none when the radio is on and the dvd is playing and a cigarette is in my mouth and it’s like, what are they trying to tell me, wait, who is they, there is no they, i am the only they.

girls who are skinny and “pretty” get such a raw deal.

they all say ya i am a klutz and i say the wrong things and i am incompetent bleh bleeeh.

it’s true, you know.

their brains work too fast for the mind to follow and that’s why they go boink bonk bloop blerp into a doorknob all the time when they are walking inside to get me my sunglasses.

“….bla bla bla in another life, when we are both cats.”

holy shit im a fucking retardbag. i’ve been spending all my time being afraid and paranoid and the second i am away from the machines i get more and more and more, paranoid, etc?

fuck that.

everybody else and their bloogs are about them and their good times real lives going on and here i am watching tv, listening to the razzio, going oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.

fuck that and fuck you and fuck me.

raymi is back!

im taking a break guys, for a little while and i am ok, but only if you are.

another me will be taking over for awhile.

her name is trudy.

say hi trudy.

hi trudes.

-local hero


this is disgusting. where the fuck was this “ephiphany” many, many moons ago when i was broke-ass and walking around saying everyone should blog and now i hear on the radio that businesses should have blogs? you never made me a blog of note. you never showed me shit.

you ruined my life and now you want to pay me?

where the fuck is my personal email/thank you and paycheque?

it better be retro-active.

this blog is so over.

ps indiko.com is hacked/down/dead or something and that has never ever happened before. there goes 4+ years.

fuck you internet and you’re welcome for gracing you with my precense.

good luck everyone.

hey –

just read your blog – i am sorry i have been a bad influence. the best way to live is straight up without dependence on licentious sex, drugs, booze or too much food.

really it is no miracle – you don’t need lithium or anything – those drugs screwed me up for years – i am just now getting back to having colorful vivid dreams again after years of brain numbing prozax xanax and wellbutrin…


it is so easy, in theory, to find hapiness and energy :

1: surround yourself with cool people of like mind, because emotions are contagious! Similarly, watch where you hang out – bars are full of noxious vibes.

2: execrise and stretch every day. practice stillness. all the weirdness gets caught up in our muscles and stretching and exercise releases it. gotta drink alot of water. you can’t have enlightened thoughts if your mind is full of chatter.

3. you gotta have a balanced diet of mostly grains and vegetables. meats have alot of weird karma from their toxic bred llives…lotta steroids and stuff in em. plus animal blood which inflames the lower passions.

so easy. watch who you hang with, drink alot of water and exercise. eat vegetables.

always struggling to be free of dependencies I remain,

willheim not william

“the teacher’s told the children that [1492] was when the continent was discovered by human beings. actually, millions of human beings were already living full and imaginative lives on the continent in 1492. That was simply the year in which sea pirates began to cheat and rob and kill them.”

-breakfast of champions, 1973. Kurt Vonnegut jr.

canada won in the olympics for hockey. big surprise.

you fucking cowards

how dare you do this to kids to get yer way. traumatize them more why don’t you?


you have family too and we know it.

you think you can take over the fucking world?

my history teacher told me this was going to fucking happen, to take over the world you sneak in thru the back door, ie, iraq. FUCK YOU.

islam, yeh, “beautiful” religion in theory, right? no wonder duders in jail take it up, for the “brotherhood”, something to oppress the womens, further so. go and worship in yer mosques, breed more weeds, oh sorry, we’re the ones breeding you guys, canada is, and you know what? because of that, america and canada will be forced to merge and yer beauty dream of taking over the world will not come to seed, because your country will have to be flatlined, and you think canada isn’t backing america, huh? that’s what canada wants you to think.

North America is doing all the good PR for America, where you and all yer beautiful families currently reside, acquiring the best of education, and then some go over to america and teach ‘em over there, but get shit on…gagagaga, just like canadians do

canada does not want america moving into our country but it is and will anyway, deal with it or kill your rotten selves (without being coward suicide b-ers) because you cannot handle growth, change, evolution, etc etc.

you send your kids to school to take notes for you and the notes that your kids took in the nice safe schools you take and use it against america and canada, FUCK YOU!

and so when the merge happens, it will be too late kuz we will all be bred together, you’ll try and get out asap but then it’ll be too obvious, or you’ll be stuck making wars or the wholeworld will have to be chrisitan or athiest or catholic or buddhist or jewish, whatever.

get the fuck out of them kid’s schools, right fucking now.

and ps, raymi has a twin brother, not lying, and he/i’ve been writing this all along, ever since raymitheminx.blogspot.com was ever conceived, so listen to the fucking white man who is 21 and looks like raymi and has the same mind as her and you do not know anything about me, where i live, why i live, how i live.

-the real Bin L

pps karma, is a bitch

ppps jesus wouldn’t be doing it like this