here’s me being a drunk slut in NYC, soho/lil italy. i just finished bartending and i am trying to figure out if we should go to another bar or go to the grocery store and buy me some food. whenever i bartended i’d be wasted 30 minutes into the nite, then i’d drop things, walk real slow and yell at people. i believe we ended up going to the supermarket and then got my drunk-ass home to bed.

this shot was taken in august, note the short hair. that day i was stopped by two british broads and they asked me all about my outfit and what i felt my “fashion sense” was and yadda yadda ya….they wanted the opinion of a true New Yorker so i went along with it and rattled off a slew of meaningless, long-winded answers about oldskool versus newskool and vintage and modern. i basically spoke a lot about nothing, they took my picture and left. it was a hot day and i was trying to find a liquor store. then i got stopped again around the meat-packing district to be in the background of this jeans ad or whatever. i had to make like i was running, in a hurry. they re-did the shot many times, i finally lost patience and walked-off. meh.