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The Quiz.

1: Name: Raymi

2: Height: 5�9

Have you ever…

3: Been kissed?: hell yah

4: Done drugs?: beep beep

5: Eaten an entire bag of Chips?: Can�t talk, eating.

6: Been on stage?: Yes. Name it, I�ve been there.

7: Dumped someone else?: Yes

8: Gotten in a car accident?: Yes

9: Watched “Punky Brewster”?: Yes I have

10: Been in love?: yes


11: Shampoo: Herbal Essence

12: Toothpaste: uhhh, every kind.

13: Soap: dove & Body Shop

14: Type of soup: Miso

15: Room in your house: the one with the television and computer in it

16: Instrument: battery-operated toothbrush


17.Coffee or hot chocolate: Coffee

18: Big or little: Gigantic

19: Lace or satin: lace

20: New or old: old men, new girlfriends

21: Neve Campbell or Jennifer Love Hewitt: hate them both. Jen has nice cans, though.

22: Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt: Nicole Kidman & Gwyneth Paltrow

23: Vogue or Material Girl: Vogue

24: Jeans or cords: tight-ass jeans, beige corduroy jacket with fuzzy collar

25: Sweater or sweatshirt: Sweater

26: T-shirt or tank-top: tank-top, short-shorts and mullet

27: Skirt or dress: Skirt

28: Wool or cotton: wool socks, cotton undies

29: Rose or lily: lily

30: The way it is or the way it was?: the way it is with some oldskool

31: Oldies or pop?: both

32: Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: I love bitches

33: Do you have a best friend?: nobody wants to be my friend

In the last 24 hours, have you…

34: Cried?: yes

35: Broken something: I smashed a squash on the floor on purpose. It felt good.

36: Bought something: yes. Smokes, beer, stamps, weather-stripping, clam chowder

37: Helped someone: I made nachos all by myself

38: Gone to the movies: rented movies. Moulin Rouge & Chopper

39: Gone out for dinner: Cappy�s

40: Said “I love you”: no, but I said I love beer.

41: Had a serious talk: yah, it was with this drunk guy who stands on the sidewalk in front of my house. �Some nice sun we�re havin� eh?� �Yep.� A very serious conversation.

42: Missed someone: Always

43: Fought with your parents: not in person

44: Fought with a friend: I don�t have friends but if I did I�m certain we�d fight.

Do you…

45: Wear eye shadow: Only if it�s light baby blue and lots of it.

46: Put on a “front”: Damn straight nigga. When my bitches be gettin� aw outta line I gotsta pull out �dem big guns an� stickit to �em raw dog, aiight. I be tight.

47: Kiss on the first date: Knocked-up

48: Have a crush on someone: yeah

49: Chew with your mouth open: uh huh.


50: If you got a tattoo, where would you get it, and what would be: something black and fancy, in between my shoulder blades

51: What color is your floor/carpet in your room: hardwood floors

52: What was the last CD you bought: Jan Arden�s Greatest Hurts for my mum

53: How did you spend last summer: NYC

54: When’s the last time you showered: this mornin�

55: Are you tired: always

56: Are you lonely: sometimes

57: Are you happy: I’m not unhappy

58: Are you wearing pajamas: not yet

59: Are you talking to someone online: no

60: What is your astrological sign: Aries

61: What time is it: time for another beer

63: Are glad your breasts are small and humble?: Ok

64: name everything you ate today: chowder, potato skins, steak, cigarettes, beer, nachos

65: sport: hockey

66: season: fall

67: Do you pick your nose: often

68: eat it?: Definitely

69: Dive in or slowly submerge: Jackknife Dive

70: Quote: �Be not too liberal it doth belong; to dogs alone to fuck the whole day long.


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