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Ok so i’m back and i’m baaaaaaaaad

you may have noticed sum technical difficulties, servers switching and what-not. baaaah.

i think i’m addicted to lip baLm, actually, i KNOw i’m addicted to this shit. Every 5 minutes i smear on some more. WHY why WhywhywhyWHY??do u think i need help? I heard there’s actually a term for it, one of those long, stupid phobia-type names for people who are addicted to lipChap. This one dude would re-apply it every hour on the hour, even setting his alarm to wake his ass outta bed to put sum more on. As of yet, i’m not that bad. I do have an addictive personality however, so i wouldn’t be surprised if i went downHill and craaaaazy as shit over LipBaLm

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