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Birthday ambush Aunt Raymi style

My niece is now 13 years old. Do you know what that means? In three years she will probably be running away so I better have my act together by then baha KIDDING! Ok Lets have a birthday party, my 13th birthday party sucked so this was like throwing the party I never got.

The Appleby Yogurty’s location has just popped up. They’re spreading, dudes!

Party favours. Stretching out the Indian summer vibe, tiki it to a whole new level.

They all told me Hailey loved this experience and was happy, was she surprised though? This was a last minute orchestration (but a long time plan regardless) and I though it would be neat when my brother was passing her off to her Nana we’d surprise her at Yogurty’s with some friends and birthday gifts. COOL AUNT MUCH!

Pieces of six eight (i have memory dyslexia) replica coins I bought for Hailey in Quebec city. Look at all her rings, oh brother. She has way better style than I did at 13, I was greasy grunge and had to scrounge for clothes unlike how we just rain it all down on her.

I threw ‘em in that leather fake-out medieval spell book also purchased from the same store. I bought my head wreathe there too and I am so going back to Q city in the spring.

It was so hard to decide, this has a cool skull on it, skulls are cool, play it safe and go for that. Kids have high cool standards, to your face they’re all yeah thanks and behind your back, “pfft.” My brother and I get schooled by her all the time and we go O_O and then break into laughter. Payback time.

I bought her that in San Diego from the Hard Rock hotel where I stayed, when my buddy Sarah left I was like, now what? Ooh shopping. Also bought my dad a Lennon shirt. This I wanted for myself but felt greedy enough from the jewelry I bought at So Good earlier that afternoon. Doesn’t in look like the Heart they give Tin Man at the Emerald City? Peace symbols too and mini guitar pics. MY grandfolks brought us Hard Rock swag all the time from their travels, I wanted to follow suit with tradition.

Can’t even see where it is, or it’s not on yet? That hippie leaf bracelet was mine too. Hailey has the rep at school of “girl with lots of bracelets on” she said. Ha nice.

Wicked yo!

I uploaded 122 photos. I am trying to skim it down but the longer I get to post the more avoiding of other things I don’t want to do I can do. Hehheh.

I could visit again and again and my Yogurty’s experience will never be the same and I like that, I dig variety muchos. I started making up a funny Yogurty’s are like snowflakes, no two are alike joke but then it got profoundly cheesy so I stopped. You can figure it out on your own I am sure.

Mary Lyne came along for the ambush. She is family too, I held her in my hands when she was a little baby, her dad and my dad have been bros for over forty years. Wild right, live around the corner from one another and Bob is to Duncan what Paul is to John Lennon, they play in Dr. Robert together (they’re gonna love that bahaha). Do you like my cast of characters? Ps. Mary Lynne is hardcore into Blur too, guess why? She calls me Bluren, thanks for that dad haha.

I threw those shades in to Hailey’s prezzie bag, I think Steph gave them to me? This loot bag was entertaining to watch open as I had forgotten half the stuff inside, I didn’t pre-photograph anything in case someone snooped on my blog.

Lookin’ good brah. That’s Shawn’s Johnny Cash outfit.

I love lamp.

Of course I had to get her this too. (Rodeo Drive voice lol). I wore my first boyfriend’s guitar pic necklace all the time, Hailey’s look is part hippie, the necklace is soft suede, the pic is polished wood. Hard Rock has quality merch. I stopped myself from charging this to the room. Too greedy haha. Gifts when given should always be purchased by the gifter otherwise it isn’t true or fair. I have rules.

She must take forever getting ready.

I must have been having a mental time out moment hahaha.

My third time visiting and I only realized after the fact the middle twist valve. MEGA!

Kids can eat a lot of crap. They all had seconds! WHAT! I think when someone else is treating all of a sudden you get hungrier.

As always I love the decor.

It’s fascinating to see everyone’s topping selections much like a conveyor belt ogling in the check out line. Mary Lynn layered hers with a fistful of cheesecake cubes. My uncle put marshmallows on his. RIDICULOUS! FUN! LIFE!

I chose this. Mixed it with chocolate fudge which made it taste like fig newton. I do not like fig newtons AT ALL. baha.

So far my favourite is the crispy wafer flavoured yogurt.

Sorry was just cruising the nutrition and saw their adorable buttons page. Can the Yogurtys people please redesign my blog please. PLEASE. (please).

It was madness, capturing it all while choosing my own trying to get everybody’s turn at bat. I was a little flustered.

And I am a wizard on the side did you know that? Oh god who is that behind me?

And my uncle Mike. he is an eccentric millionaire. Look at the website for one of his businesses. Next summer we are overtaking his boat for a day with the Juicebox kids, they won a trip at my 10 year blogiversary party.


Keepin’ it neapolitan. Nice necklaces.

Can you guess whose is whose? I’m quad 2.

We took over. When I arrived I said to the manager, I have $100 to spend and we’ll be taking pictures, head’s up. She said let me clean up first. It was already spotless. Super nice staff!

I needed rainbow sprinkles for aesthetic purposes and the closest they had was nerds. When in Rome.

No ide who this belongs to. We got everyone covered before Sylvia and Rachel arrived at just over $50 ($51.36) and before they had seconds. It was like a reality show budget challenge. I gave the remainder on one of the cards to my Nana and Papa. Geezers like their ice creams I mean Yogurts. Can’t tell the difference here which is the point.

I told everyone not to fill up before this.

My uncle’s pre-sauce addition. Rachel was scarfing hers before they could weigh it ahah but let it go seeing as we ordered so many. VIP is the place to be :).

Oh I betthat was delicious. JEALOUS. JEALICIOUS! Gahahha.

This is probably going to have to be a two-parter, I know lame right but I have a pizza on the way and functions to get to so this blog will be planet Yogurty’s for the next 24 hours. I’ll add a bit more while I gorge.

That’s me mum’s.

WUhoo! Pizza attack time.

10 thoughts on “Birthday ambush Aunt Raymi style

  1. Your niece and her homegirl are definitely modelling their swag after you. They’re like Little Raymis.


    (FML, I have too much time on my hands.)

  2. well with that idle time you can be the president of the little raymi fan club. wait’ll you see the rest of the post when my mom and her friend show up with her daughter.

  3. Thumbs up for more posts featuring your mom.

    Big fan of you and all, but I’m finna be president of THAT fan club.

    (Raymi’s mom has got it goin’ on…)

  4. Way to go! It looks like everyone had a blast, and she will remember it fondly forever. I love your adventures with her. It reminds me of lots of fun times with my nieces and nephews. Thanks.

  5. Nice reference to John/Paul ! It’s not quite 40 years yet though, known him since 74, But who’s counting .

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