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So Next Sunday of the long weekend September 4 9PM @ BOVINE SEX CLUB (rawr) is So Long, Summer! Beach blanket bimbotastical BURLESQUE! Put your retro skivvies on, ‘kinis, beehives and practise your jive cos we’ll be sweating all.night.long. Heard it here first. School4Bandaids’ regular Sunday night special is teaming up with Team Raymbosaurus Rex. Third time’s the charm (as it will be my third burlesque performance this summer, also performing under my own name). We will have MORE DANCES. Duets, solos and maybe even a trio set. Think American Graffiti, now live it. Plus, I will be unveiling our newest girl, so new in fact she doesn’t have a name yet. FUN! Help us crown her.

HELP NAME THIS BURLESQUE DANCER! (I also have to come up with a troupe name for Paddy Cakes, her (Jasmine) and I asap). What goes with Raymi the Minx, Paddy Cakes and _______? We’re a trio troupe as of right now. Don’t F- it up! Raymi’s ribbons? See no, I don’t want it to be all raymi and minxy. BRAIN THINK! Paddy’s foot is healed now so this is going to be a riot.

MUAHAHAH my harem is growing! Put your suggestions in the comments please. :)

This is your band aid bartender Allison. Can’t wait to see what she wears this night. It is also a guarantee that you’ll be able to spy several famous rocker/stars whatever you call them as this is their local. Going to be a legendary time. AND! Crywolf clothing will be giving away swag all night. CUTE hipster shit! I just got off the phone with Allison. Amazeballs.


This was terrifying to drive through, the video in no way shape or form accurately displays how bright and constant the lightning fork strikes were. So thrilling.


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