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Red Rock Raymi

we’re pretty much wayne’s world 3 right now. good thing they’re both on vacation too. foursome couple expedition pretty funny.

plus steph’s shirt puts it over the edge. i gave it to her. she already has one exactly like it but thicker for winter. i am getting rid of my possessions guy. bagism.

persian’s. they’re a finnish doughnut, very airy and sugary and smothered with super rich sweet icing. thunder bay-centric make sure you have one. to be a puritan of one though is to have the raspberry cherry original flavour, this one was just a different flavour. cinnamon chocolate. we were insane after eating these, got a 6 pack. you can get the icing in tubs. this plus coffee holy crap.

instant convert.

this head sex shop was having a moving clearance. i kind of want these stripper heels but i feel that’s playing with kismet in a majorly strong way.

we were into that hot dog making a flame race for the slutty bun.

we saw terry fox for my second time. emotional holy place. the first time i saw it i got teary over terry.

it’s pretty much where he ended his run across canada.

great view.

you throw quarters onto the monument as donations to cancer, to pay tribute, good luck and you aim for your hometown on the map of canada.

that mountain over there is the sleeping giant. see his mongolian head staring up at the sky?

too bad no sun today. tomorrow will be a scorcher. we will be climbing the mountain.

they met cos of me. i guess i have to prepare a stupid gay speech now right? they also set the date too for next september. guess i’ll be subletting a house here bahahaa.

i was hoping to find merchandise like a hooter’s uniform of terry’s notorious hipster short shorts and hippie vintage tee. no dice.

i’m into rural and desolate and, the nothingness. a woman at the supermarket was mega impressed by my tri-summer residency here. everyone knows everyone it’s pretty cool. to be the outsider.

this is not the mountain, but the one before it. OK NEVERMIND it is the right oNE! gaaah.

that’s the inn. we almost went to a dance there once but we pre-drank for too long and missed it. we went to the legion and got sloshed. after dinner tonight we’re going to the car hole slash rehearsal space and we’ll sit on van double seats as couches hahah teacher is having a great time.

their new place is beautiful.

our room. so cozy. it’s like being in a cool cabin and you can see the mountain it’s ahhhhh so peaceful.

the master.

log pillow.

steph’s crazy woman room ahahahha i mean her moon room. in the native world when women are on their period it’s called their MOON TIME and they don’t have to chop wood or forage for berries or make dinner or wash dishes until it’s over isn’t that amazing but that’s great too cos on our moon time we get the dropsies and are clumsy bumbling retards.

this is the ugly room, or, the thinking room. the hang room.

bacon vodka. i introduced this homemade vodka brewing method my first year here.

they’re gonna pitch it but funny eh it’s like sunday morning grossness on the kitchen counter.

we’re having shorelunch for dinner. deep fried pickerel. i am so going for a run tomorrow on top of mountain climbing. also making a salad and grilling peppers and zucc.

the backyard is super dreamy too.


perfect fit.

i pointed out the wolf ashtrays on our way in and then on our way out i bought one for them and she’s like we bought one for ourselves! hahahha.

no regrets! regrets!

i missed.

down there was an amazing suspended train track like in stand by me. ancient.

i liked the canadian pride coloured flowers.

trucks flying by you like crazy evergreens everywhere it’s a nice drive. thrilling.

i love discounts.

me now. my hair is a disaster so i don’t think will be taking many more photos tonight. kay, dinner and bowie time now. sayonara.

4 thoughts on “Red Rock Raymi

  1. Bacon-flavoured vodka lol
    Love the landscape up there, Red Rock is awesome. Watch for moose.
    Beautiful house for sure!
    XX, eh

  2. as I am a donut expert I can just TELL that those donuts are amaaaazing. I WANT THAT ALICE MUG! and good, I’m glad you didn’t get those horrible, tacky Lucite heels. ugh. double ugh.

  3. steph and ry’s house is so cute. i love all the rooms, what lucky ducks. t-bay is an interesting place for sure, i’d visit again. Northern ontario is such a treasure. great post!

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