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haul of a minx

shopping haul from raymi lauren on Vimeo.

first time ever going to macy’s today, i think it was my first time. didn’t buy anything though.

i am so glad i didn’t get rid of this dress. how stupid would that of been? tres.

we are having a blast. the girls are bringing me a burrito. going to eat it in two bites. tomorrow is canada day! we are going to wear red and try and cause some mischief no doubt. tonight is a rest night. ooh lets order a movie. mom has all the best photos on her camera. i have handfuls uploaded but i am too dumb right meow to figure out which ones i’ve blogged and haven’t. this blogging shit requires thinking sometimes. ughhhh. remember when i used to spell it ungh? those weren’t the days eh. now i will do my nails and toes. fluorescent pink. hope it looks good.

3 thoughts on “haul of a minx

  1. raymi those shoes are so beautiful, I love wearing those types of heels. I love them, i’m gonna go see if i can find a look a like style of the shoes your wearing ;).

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