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Raymi’s Movie PREDICTION AND eventual REVIEW

welcome to my version of drunk history. it’s like that except psychic so listen in!

i’ve only seen the preview for bridesmaids two times. i have a very good memory for pop culture, insights and clairvoyance in general, i had absolutely no idea about the plot or storyline and i get it all pretty close to right. cinema is just predictable for me and obvious. i pay too closely attention to everything. the cab driver said to me as i was getting out to make more movies. aw bless him.

i do whiney socialite voice when i’m shy in public. watch!

and then i finally acquire the knowledge and the power and the opinions.

i liked the love interest, dude was hot and irish accented (irish right?) anyway, it was good but it wasn’t great and that’s only because i have standards so high michael scorsese couldn’t even tap dance with a chicken to appease them. no i am not this dumb sounding in real life, i’m doing airhead frazzled raymbo and uh, you figure it out.

i was so tired yesterday i reached a new epic low (victory) by lying down and putting on makeup. so far the laziest i’ve ever been in doing that is sitting up on the couch with a mirror on my clavicle and doing it that way. this is my new favourite lazy means. 180 degrees on your back then when you’re waiting for your base to dry you can just catch a mini-nap, a little break from all that application. i amaze myself. yes. still do. i know.

my flat stomach serves as a good vanity table. someone on youtube called me chubby. i AM chubby right now, too much wine and pms-stretch omg again already. ack!

i look like cocoon.

i am glad that movie exists so i can use it to explain myself for the duration of my platinum days.

gym rat day. see you later.

*registration for commenting now turned off so the zero comments you’re making may now commence.

6 thoughts on “Raymi’s Movie PREDICTION AND eventual REVIEW

  1. the movie was entertaining
    the plane scene was hilarious
    the diarrhea scene was funny
    the competing women was typical

    Go see Hangover now.
    Bet the chick movie wins

  2. the cab was 20 bucks so there’s that out of the way. i will keep you posted on how i budgeted the rest of my findings.

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