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the promotion room

everyone’s blown away (i am blown away) by how fit i am now and pointing fingers/trying to figure out who to give credit to. i say everyone. plus that cleanse helped set it off.

i said actually the real transformation began 3 months ago when James told me to watch what i eat, i wasn’t, well i was but there’d be a lot of bender puncturing involved, i’d get down to a skinny raymi then drink and eat my face off for a week, get my period, get skinny, go on another bender and so on. i stopped doing that. nutrition and fitness go hand in hand, working out will only take you so far and after that, it’s salad time fatty.

i have never sprinted in the motion room before, why does tyler get to sprint? i want to sprint.

so lets sprint. dude can run. i was not expecting that. not that tyler can run but, i blew my load three times giving it my all to keep speed with him and i did but woah, tyler were you secretly dying too?

when i was done i went to andrew (my trainer) and was like sorry i had to show off some running there.

he understood.

i love running. i go running with stella. i only run if there are people present to see it happen though haha. one day soon i will go out specifically to run, not to walk the dog a bit then run jog then walk then jog, you know how it is oh it’s the drake better start running by there’s people on the patio ahaha sometimes i do bike jumps exclusively when i hit beaconsfield, if there was more of a curb or construction asphalt bump in the road i could jump it easier but yeah, now you know to look for me.

ooh definition. definitely.

i have so many pictures of tyler and myself from the week i could make fitness pr0n. no wait i already do.

that’s cutie kash. she is hardcore. tried to make me do burpees once cos i was late which i immediately blew up on cos IT WAS COLLEAGUE’S FAULT that day. i find it humorous that one (i) should see burpees as any form of punishment as for the next hour i’ll be punished by other tortuous physical means, it’s oranges and oranges here people.

i just have problems with authority.

in-between exercising during your one-on-one session there is more exercising (lazy ass) we are here for an hour and we are going to squeeze everything out of those 60 minutes so this is me jumping on the bosu and i always try to dismount like a figure skater.

i suck at lunges because i hate them. on normal ground they are annoying enough, but on the bosu they are way more difficult and luckily i am addicted to challenges so i will still do them. i like perfecting things.

i’ve never done push ups like these. i super sucked when i first joined TMR and now i can do them, i am stronger and that is awesome. i’m training to be a cage fighter. haha no, just to look good naked. simple as that but if i have to defend you in a knife fight, well la-dee-da, i can.

it’s nice when you join you get to show off how much you suck or rule at certain movements, exercises. you want to impress the trainer so there’s that motivating you but you also want to impress yourself and go ok self, how sloppy are we here? people delude themselves like crazy, we think we’re skinnier than we are or look good in that certain thing to hide the fact that we’re NOT thin blah blah etc basically, super cool style will not help your squatting ability.

it seems retarded to squat again and again and again but it’s not. when done right and with a trainer correcting your position you feel all the right parts of your body react to the squat and then you like it, and do it again as i near the end of my reps i fire my core and breathe heavier like a dog and really give’r.

crunches on a bosu are super effective. picture your spine like a potato bug curling un-curling now picture your (MY!) rippling torso and abdominals being agreeable to each crunch, your spine leaving the bosu and lifting up following your hands up toward the ceiling.

funny, it doesn’t look like much but it’s a lot and it’s not even that hard.

another cool thing you learn about working with a personal trainer is, there’s lots of talking (if you want it) in there as you learn each other and they see how far they can push you. if you get an idea while doing your leg lifts or tricep extensions, speak up and have a chat, ask that thing about what to eat in the morning.

i am a magician.

those were too heavy for my sweaty hands so i needed dumbbells.

we’re doing the same thing but i am on the bosu.

oh man i know that burn. i wonder how tyler is feeling on his days off. sore still?

hey budday!

lots of blue balls at the motion room haha i just typed moron room.

i need more aerobics wear. my roots shirt is becoming frayed. i wore it out to home depot yesterday (when we almost murdered each other deciding on roof plants don’t ask)(married people life is depressing and suffocating and shit like domestic chores and errands can like, end a relationship) because i am too lazy to figure out real outfits anymore. it’s so much work this fashion bullshit, this is why i am sculpting myself into a torpedo so i can wear booty shorts with sports bras and pretend i just came from the gym always, constantly. people in normal people clothes look at me and 1. feel dumpy 2. get out of my way because i seem more in control, which i am, because i am wearing ninjathletica and i can run with a tropical flower tree in a pot and you can’t.

ugh the thing on my shoulder. i had 5 (not covered) treatments and all they did was make it worse and bigger. my dad says i have to get plastic surgery to remove it. arg. so like if i’m going to go to the trouble of doing that i may as well get a nose job.

how long til i get a plastic surgery sponsorship like xiaxue.

damn girl.

see how a bit of my bangs are slightly tinted, that’s from makeup then sweating. how you can get around not sweating, wearing makeup and working out while being photographed, lemme know. maybe if i wore a bunny mask.

i said f– blogging! there are no words, only muscles! in arnold voice.

i do a good arnold.

yeah i don’t think you managed to capture any of the skinny i was attempting to convey here. moron. moron room indeed.

planks be sweepin’ the nayshe.

yeah pretty much right. both my frigging elbows are still bloody scabby from wednesday’s planking. tyler bring a towel for floor exercises if you want to feel more comfortable (be a hello kitty princess like me).

i hate these too. sometimes i don’t eat before working out (i am retarded what can i say) so i lose a bit of energy and the only energy i have left is what’s in my brain so i am quite literally giving it my all when i exercise.


when you squat down let the tail of your spine follow the ball and curve beneath, which is what aids you in squatting, putting your bum back. sometimes i press into that ball so hard i think i am going to pop the thing and it sort of feels like cheating to use it to climb your way back up to standing position again except it’s not cheating, it’s your core strength doing the majority and i have abs to prove it.

i’d like to say any nay-sayer do 36 of these, 20 pounds in each hand, yeah. by my last rep my left leg got all jazz jangly on me, sometimes your arms will also tremble like wild, that means your exercise is working.

supermans. for your abs.

hey look i’m the rio de janeiro jesus.

i do have a little bit of a messiah complex it’s true.

oh hi there.

exercising gave me a confidence i didn’t have before, i mean, i had tons before but fitness confidence is a special kind. people take you a little more seriously in that they ask you about exercise and then you surprise yourself by knowing what the hell it is you’re talking about and then if you feel like going for a jog you’re like damn straight, i jog now. it might have taken me an entire summer to get the courage to go for a run, yes i am that afraid of things which is why i try not to think, i just act and then let the panic attack hit me while i’m out on the street instead.

because i am so cerebral, some of the ladder stuff is hard for my brain that early in the day, my equilibrium is “special” so doing side to side stuff makes the world get crooked and tipsy. is this early-stage dementia sign? meh. so i turn some of these into dance moves but keep them low and aerobics-y. if jazz and aerobics got in a fight who would win?

or this into water skiing.


piece a cake.

then i showed off some soccer ability.

andrew asked if i played. nope. i’m just naturally athletic.

hacky sack that mawf-r

i played soccer on the beach in mexico with all these euro stud dudes from spain, italy, all over. i was topless in gino shorts and super tanned, diving in the sand, saves, steals whatever you call it, i was scraped and bloody sandy by game’s end (played daily) from all the shells and rocks, pretty burly, one soccerhead comes up to me and says you play like man. as in i am very good. i tell this story ALL the time it’s one of my top ten proudest moments ever.

ooh shit what’ll it be?

how many push ups?

it landed on 12. i went down for two just to keep the gag running.

after stretch.

this part is the best. people just give right in. for the rest of the day you feel amazing. with or without a stretch. work out days make me feel amazing afterward. tyler says he is already loving the change, this experience a lot. knew it. i told him he would become addicted very fast, like me, he has an unconventional routine/lifestyle, we just tumbleweeds blowing in the charmed good life breeze (yeah yeah his tumbleweed plays stadiums) so we love just a little bit of structure, need it, require it in order to continue the circus freak other shit we do, day in day out.

it helps you handle stress, become a more focused and patient person, feeling better, looking better, vitality, all good things. we’re not getting any younger and unhealthy living isn’t chic forever nor does its glamour affect one’s beauty in any sort of good way. IMO this is my one last chance to turn it all around and be a hot starlet, a hot anything, everything, and the only way that’s going to happen is by good nutrition and exercise, the RIGHT kind of exercise. if you had the chance and opportunity to do that for yourself, you would be the stupidest person on the planet to me if you turned it down. if you’ve never been pretty or fit and if by some chance don’t value that at all, never ever fantasize about a year as a fit person, doing trashy talk show before and after photo circuits, getting some strange accented man at an all exclusive to plough you for a week, come on lady, don’t tell me you wouldn’t do half a year’s work to achieve that. don’t tell me summer isn’t coming AGAIN next year, because it is.

i want to know the back story of this.

punk rock exercise.

friends should exercise together. that’s what friends are for. i see some of my friends aging and drinking like we is kids and it scares me a little, only for vanity purposes but no deep down i know there’s a lot of bad substance abuse partying that obviously should not be occurring but at the very least should be offset by some healthy activities. if you enjoy getting wasted together then you should enjoy getting wasted on endorphins together.

all it takes is a little push.

here we are wednesday, tyler’s second day of assessment.

and a taste of the bosu.

toe taps.

here comes the swedish assassin. yup, ass ass in.

james is cheeky.

joseph is making me use the steering wheel weights. hard.

tyler can see through time. i knew precisely what he is feeling here. bit of spacing out and dizziness, yes? fade to black.

i did a lot of sweating this morning, sleigh bells and css concert was the night before. i sweated out a few shots of vodka and wine.

i am a cult fanatic of the movie coming to america. it shows in my hairdo.

andrew is cheating on me with mara back there. hmmph. fine.

needed more weight.

tyler ditched his shoes.

i hovered on over.

work is work, guy. inspiring.

my nails are sooo long now i am obsessed. can’t see that here though, just my polish (cupid by revlon top speed).

aaaand this would be how i f–d up my elbows.


holy moly.


get that form down.

flat back.

hitch hike on the bosu. i heard tyler giggling at these. hey me too guy.

wind each arm back as far as you can, this is so the trainer can see how far you can wind your arms around backward like a flightless bird.

and balance.

your first day will tell you how good YOU are too and then you’ll be like damnit, i can be better, i will be better.

hell ya.

and it’s fun.

addictive and challenging.

ugh i look like garbageface kids. haha. but look i’m on the screen so at least one of us looks good.

tyler’s first day in the showdown room. bit nerve racking. but also exciting cos it’s go time. in showing up you have already decided to get fit and be fit so it doesn’t really matter what the readings say (weight, body fat %) because THAT person will be no more.

i burst into tears during my second retest. it can get frustrating but it’s also a lesson, a bold face reality. that’s when i started eating better.

the weigh in. i say it’s 4lbs heavier. or maybe it’s just that I am four pounds heavier (likely the case).

they’re fitting us for matching unitards.

ok you get the point.

ultrasound. tyler it’s a boy!

tyler did really well at this. maintained 60% for the entire duration. whatever that means.

i really hate this test.

gotta do it though.

toe toucher!

i have improved on everything by the way in case you were wondering.

me and my braids.

shannon and i catching up on our gossip.

that woman is sprinting.

grey is the worst colour for sweating.

ok that’s enough ugly pictures of me today i gotta go the family is coming and there’s still so much to do aghhhhhh.

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  1. OK – that was a lot of photo’s of a hot gym-babe and someones bald uncle in pain…. Thank you Raymi for kickstarting this change – and, as my man Cee Lo Green says, FORGET You James, for kicking my ass! Nah, dis is great – gonna be in ship shape in a few months. As I once said to myself: “You can be either fat or bald, not both”… Stay tuned.

  2. Supermans concentrate your lower back muscles not abs exclusively. That being said, your abs did definitely get more defined…bring on the meltdown.

    FYI: bring two towels per session and plenty of water, meltdown really is a sweat bath.

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