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skinny changes everything

did you hear eye weekly is changing its name? do you know what to? i do. are you going to the party? i am. got a head’s up about it via chris who interviewed me for eye for my 10 year dinoversary. i only had that party to make the media interview me. it worked four times. another htbfoti tip regarding that is in le book.

close your eyes and pretend they’re steaks. mmm steak shake.

rationing myself, rationalize uh, insert funny quip. willpower people. i will outline all that i consumed when this thing is over MOM stop asking me every day!

haha not my hair, just my greasy ratty halloween wig. my hair was even more disgusting beneath it. no wait it wasn’t nevermind. i can go 4 days without washing it, day four being better wash it day.

this is my vacation outfit. i am going to south beach with my mom and fairy godmother late june/early july. SO EXCITED. haven’t had any time to think about it or plan it, lois is taking care of that. ahh resort and car rental for 9 days all over the place. those girls are my wing girls too so they will be doing all the picking up for me and i don’t have to let my shyness fuck it all up though americans are way chattier than canadians so it’ll be pretty easy all around i think. my mom said everyone in SB is way more image focused and fitness obsessed so we better be bringing it. leslie said we have to go to st augustine though i think we might already be doing that, again, i have had zero time to process what’s up but now i am totally letting my brains go there. ba-lieve i earned a vacay. a REAL one. lois wants to film it all. it’s gonna be looney tunes for sure and i better not get fat. i’ll run on the beach. can’t wait.

james gave me a good work out today. i have never been so dizzy spelly but i got through it. i am a champ. my ass is starting to get sore now.

i just looked at photos of myself from three weeks ago. FAT. look at how teeny you can get in 9 days if you are already working out if you just eat right.

i need to have better quality shots taken of all my hard work i don’t think it’s translating.

beet salad from parts&labour sans the bacon. it was delicious but i wanted so many other things on the menu. sigh. saw an old bud justin works door there. awesome.

my date had this. it was so raw i wanted to eat it out. baby did good though.

i was going to wear this but in the end switched to docs and a black tiny sweater and no bra, i wanted to be long and lean and gazelle and i have never been smiled at so many times before at p&l like that so it was a homer.

rationing my shake. normally i hoover but i am going mentally theatrical as much as is possible, pretending i’m an orphan or held captive, concentration camp all of the above. you get fuller quicker the slower you eat. give your mind a second and tell it that it’s satiated down there in your belly and that no more for awhile cos you’re lazy and will have to get up and comb through adventurehouse to get it. lazy wins.

tgifrench kiss day.

3 thoughts on “skinny changes everything

  1. scary about the dizzy spells, not enough calories to sustain the workout

    We will all love to hear what you ate on a daily basis and how many calories you took in

    I’m glad you are looking great, feeling great is very important though too!

    I’m so glad the Royal Wedding is over. Whens the detox diet over?

  2. MMMM those shakes look delicious. Gym pics are superfly. How do the kids say it now a days ….. Your bod is bangin. Yea I think that’s how it goes. As for those pics of you in your vacation garb looks like the photog was a little distracted. Oh and I must say the description of the burger being “so raw i wanted to eat it out” hands down best description of a burger ever. I might have used that phrase before but never in connection with food.

    I’m down with O.P.P

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