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things take me longer because i have long legs

…an anchor of stability in a turbulent world (i almost used this as a blog title but then i realized it was too gay and the writer wanted me to use it as a blog title but i will not give in, i will not).

Dear RaymiLauren

I love to check your Flickr pix and blog. You are like an anchor of
stability in a turbulent world. I don’t know how you find the energy to
keep it up.

As a new viewer, I have been continuing through your archives to catch
up on the past 10 years. Skipping around rather than going straight
through (to tell the truth I find the recent years more interesting than
the old). I got a second monitor so that I can do this more
efficiently. I look at your Flickr pix on one monitor and the blog on
the other. Or I can do my own work on the right and continuously check
your blog for new entries on the left. It is a peach of a setup. I
have attached a photo so you can see how it works. Isn’t it great? Why
don’t you give it a plug for some of your other fans to try — all the
geeks like me will go crazy.

Gotta go now . . .

Kim in Berkeley

i was already going to blog this before you told me to but wow. why are you so obsessed with getting through my pics? you must think you know me inside out by now eh.

skinny watch 2011.

10th Anniversary–Warmup session from raymi lauren on Vimeo.

9 thoughts on “things take me longer because i have long legs

  1. what’s incredible to me is that I just noticed on Flickr you have over 50,000 photos. mind boggling. that’s alotta Raymi.

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