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put your hands to the constellations the way you look should be a sin you my sensation I know I’m preaching to the congregation we love Jesus but she done learned a lot from Satan

we ambushed rob on saturday with snacks and rum and orangina. his place was a sty and it smelled of death.

rum and orangina go so very well together it’s like the cheapest holiday ever. a holiday in your mouth and then in your mind once the rum takes effect. sign me up rummies.

melodie read from a book about stuff we apparently like, we white folk and she judged the book appropriately as she does all things in life. does anyone even go to that website anymore? do books kill websites? or do we just gradually get over things yeah yeah we get it we like tote bags, funnnny.

can you just give me this already?

how do you even get laid? ps. the hummus from no frills is amazing, curry hint to it. will buy the larger one next time please remind me.

cleaning up other people’s messes is somehow enjoyable and necessary. rob just sat around going yes or no to stuff mel would hold up and ask him where it goes or to toss it, he made a fire and the smell of whatever died, vanished.

stuffing face. woke up at 4? maybe this was friday actually yeah it was cos i slept in so late after my party. this is me becoming human again, nourishment, booze and weed. kept thinking thursday was friday, i always mess this up and then saturday is sunday and i get emo cos the weekend is over so soon and then my friends are like, IDIOT, it’s saturday tomorrow. if you guys turn into famous bloggers this day confusion is so in store for you. do you know how awesome it is gaining a day though? i need a real vacation stat.

hangover patch residue.

gettin’ into it now.

sort of abby. still working out.

tastes like crap. good prop though.

i then invited rob along to my next raymi eating adventure and he accepted.

first i needed to go take some pictures of myself in this skidly bathroom.

ew the men’s room.

notorious food critic elitist guy cory mintz of the toronto star invited me over to dinner for his column FED (also it was his one year column anniversary to boot) wherein he cooks for notables and writes about the dinner (you, the food, the gab)(i’m a little nervous hahah the tables have turned). corey has cooked for steven page, dad! this is kind of a big deal.

rob’s always up for a good exploit so took his ass along. that chick is emma, corey’s pal.

mcneely was also on the scene. i was pre-told not to photograph the food. if my shitty camera made the food look bad then corey would look bad. that’s fine i was already intending to draw everyting in MS paint anyway (rob’s idea) as i showed him my archaic drawing bad blog and he goes, why isn’t all of this on your real blog, like, all of it? together? i have several other blogs too, and a tumblr. why i don’t aggregate it, hmmm no definitive reason for that but anyway yeah no food photos only for my own records and something to draw from.

the menu:

Sweetbreads + Maitake

Testina + Broccoli + Cauliflower

Merguez + Israeli Couscous + Manchego

had to google all of this. rob was like what kind of wine do you drink with sweetbreads? and was googling it while i curled my hair as IF someone answered that question on the internet. i don’t think they did.

i’ve been recorded a lot lately. totally changes how you speak and what you say, thank god, self-censoring is a good thing. my mother needs to be recorded at all times then.

after awhile you forget about the recorder and figure what the hell i’ll just keep blathering. i asked corey if he takes people’s subtle nuances in tone and inflection and reports things out of context you know, to be mean. he says no. well i guess this saturday we shall be the judge of that.

didn’t take me long to get nosy and open all of those drawers.

no clue.

pretty. we should have brought flowers way to go idiot.

so organized. not surprised.

far away food photo is ok right?

the drawer’s revelations: closet nerd.

good thing i brought a living nick fury with me to dinner, corey and rob are big fans.

action figures NOT dolls.

FIRST COURSE: Sweetbreads + Maitake (mushroom)

sweetbreads are like the weird disgusting parts of an animal. why they call it sweetbreads is kind of a dumb mystery, supposedly funny? you gotta eat that shit fast before you start thinking too much. Sweetbreads or ris are culinary names for the thymus (throat, gullet, or neck sweetbread) and the pancreas (heart, stomach, or belly sweetbread), especially of the calf (ris de veau) and lamb (ris d’agneau) (although beef and pork sweetbreads are also eaten). The “heart” sweetbreads are more spherical in shape, and surrounded symmetrically by the “throat” sweetbreads, which are more cylindrical in shape.

it was delicious, only an asshole would give you sweetbreads that tasted disgusting. if one is to sway you to the weird side of cuisine they have to make it appealing. no one’s going to sell you on something like liver if it tastes like poverty. the “in” cuisine thing right now is to be bizarre and outlandish with your meats. go france.

SECOND COURSE: Testina + Broccoli + Cauliflower

i’ve had testina before at Cowbell and it’s really good, basically pork, super fatty pork and little meat to it, it smells great and it’s, to me, humourous. the face of a pig. barbaric. lord of the flies. gruesome and terrible, now poshed up on my pretentious plate, sure why not.

gearing up for round three and a bottle of wine for each one.

was having a weird hair day had to use rob’s shower as adventurehouse, who the fuck even knows. only TODAY the hot water came back and i’m in burlington anyway.

i couldn’t find the hello kitty toys drawer.

camera bromance.

THIRD COURSE: Merguez + Israeli Couscous + Manchego

israeli couscous is essentially just big macaroni-like pasta balls. i had a second scoopful helping of that. the sausage pairing, excellent. everything was magnificent and not too filling (my one request i have a figure to consider). for dessert we had poached peaches (or pears?) in this caramel booze sauce (brandy?) things were gettin’ hazy and blabby by that point i’d draw a picture but it would just look like a pile of caramel goo. next time you invite me over to dinner and tell me i can’t take pictures and yer making something high-end can you sculpt it into something easier to draw like a hamburger i’m really good at drawing hamburgers.

the booze shelf was staring at us piss tanks the whole time.

yeah i’ll have whatever’s in that bottle of cologne please thank you.

jen forgot her hat.

could not resist taking pictures of these total wes anderson (steve zissou) wet dream right here no doubt.

Thanks so much for the dinner invite it was really fun and indulgent. you’re a quick study, classy, and down to earth. I likey.

xo rlw

6 thoughts on “put your hands to the constellations the way you look should be a sin you my sensation I know I’m preaching to the congregation we love Jesus but she done learned a lot from Satan

  1. haw flakes! (the bowl of magenta and yellow paper-wrapped goodies). why didn’t you try it? did you open them? they are thin round flakes. when you unwrap that, you’ll get these maroon, taste-like-dried-apple disks. they look like, well, communion host, but maroon. another reference, fruit leather, but thinner and melt-in-your-mouth. those are good.

  2. i am impressed you ate the sweetbreads. can’t do it…you know what a freakin foodie i am and will eat anything BUT organs,balls and brains. well, balls, maybe but did you eat a heart???? i believe that sweetbreads were given this name and french ‘ris’/revered as haute cuisine because decades and centuries of certain cultures would never waste any part of the animal they were eating due to frugality or the other cultures/spiritualities belief that the ingestion of the animals’ organs that held their strength/health/instincts could be attained. and it’s far more edible to eat something with the word sweet/bread in it than call them the organs we know as human garbage collectors/disposals. just my personal belief. maybe based in a fear of what i think is just gross.

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