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one more round-up of party photos then we move on k.

these are casie’s wild shots and there’s a lot.

lucas’ hair is looking pretty cool these days.

even afrim was there!

appleton and cranberry. delicious.

pretty girl nadia i want your headband.

mom was trouble this night.

talkin’ shit of some kind or other.

cockblocked the photo i did.

jennifer showed up in a blue sequin dress made me laugh so much (and happy) she is so hot.

gill is lecturing me and that’s my buttoning it face. what do you mean you didn’t get me enough lemons, baby needs 12 lemons, SHOW lemons.

i have yet to catalogue the leftovers.


oh my god i look ridiculous.

appleton players. mmm mmm good.

mr. tarek and his stylish bag.

pre-dress explosion.

one of my rock and roll moves on stage is to point a lot. hella pointing.

and making that face.

i would have danced more but i was nervous to knock things over with the tutu.

oh i’m holding the dress together now cos the silver strap in the front tore right off when i bent over to put something on the stage.

i’m singing a katy perry song.

look how open that dress is. luckily i’m flat as hell and it’s nothing you haven’t seen before already.

i wanted to go away and change, everyone was chanting ONE MORE SONG ONE MORE SONG and dad was like just stay one more song meanwhile i’m clutching the dress together red faced NO DAD LOOK! ohhhhh then the ball drops. i said fuck it and stayed up there anyway.

can they see anything? hmmm.

what’s with the look on my face here? michael was the first person to rush me once i stepped down from stage and he is straight stroking my ego so i dunno why the face, maybe i am overwhelmed by the praise and glory?

that wine is moments away from being dumped all over that dress. steph laughed her head off, i was in it for um 20 minutes before two things made me change right out of it. hi chris!

why is this photo interesting casie?

scarjo dead ringer.

kathleen kept flashing her majungas at me and i was like what??? why? i think she was showing me her necklace? anyway, in i went for the kill and this is the evidence.

this blurry little miss yen i think i have a crush on her.

mom did you take butterface home?

i love that you wore the crown as if there could be stopping you.

queen of narnia witch hair. i need a sleigh. when does the second narnia come out also the second in the golden compass trilogy also do you know of some 13 year olds who will let me watch all these movies with them thanks.

embarrassingly, one of my (several) family nicknames as a kid was bum bum lauren and there is even a song to go along with it. skinny gawky kid with a hilarious badonk ass. thanks for the complex!

mer and dayna. thank you for dressing mental dayna HUG.

i forget who the other fox is but fox all the same, thanks for coming. i made a few eye contact moments with her but was too shy and insane to pursue it. i was like martin short in father of the bride, dramatic, all over the place.

more family secrets. uncle mike won dinner at cafe du lac. he gave away two fishing trips. lucky ducks.

family kept winning everything particularly my mom, then dad, then aunt, then uncle so i kept ripping through tickets and everyone really wanted the torontoist gong show to win the fishing trip. i think i was up there for twenty minutes until it happened.

he won the rum.

i am dragging it out, matching the ticket numbers, his name, telling him his prize choices.

she must be calling maury povich or something haha. she just won a boat trip. look how happy she is. that could’ve been you.

hi carly three quarters of the blondetourage reunite. casie came up with the best word for the blog show, it’s this post’s title. she said it when i showed up matter-of-factly, this is your blogtourage. hahaha nice we’re like a hip hop video with every person from the neighbourhood standing around flossin’ it to fill space. perfect. thank the universe for bipolarisms and people who think in them like me, we give the best copy.

aw i love cam and wendi. my brother looks like he has something important to tell me.

one of these people i may or may not have picked up at my gym.

ava and her wig and her dress awwwww.

no, wrong. wrong bar wrong. do not wear those at my party girl why would you ruin that outfit? kind of cute in a kooky way i get it but, sigh, this isn’t a pool party. still i love me my freaks so i am giving you a green card one time only.

classic raymi outfit i kept tripping all over the black crinoline.

bringing it home.

too late.

oooh yes.

money money money.

cheese forever. thanks again guys. i am bowing right now.

ugh your hair mer. hate you.

me mem ememe. casie i can’t wait to go to the you party.

cheatin’ off the lyrics sheet. i know these songs inside and out and when you get up there you’re like uhhhh.

go adventurehouse.

syd you’ve turned into quite the woman i dunno why but you seemed all tiny when we first met, more kidly? i am complimenting you here. you have a jhonen drawing tat omg.

ok guy the secret’s out, i actually threw a rave.

steph has a tshirt addiction.

and a raymi addiction.

the next decade jam my hair will be even bigger. there, it’s in writing.

crystal came. love that girl. she can put ‘em back. one time at the central we were talking about boozing and then basically made 30 shots while standing and talking like gentlemen, jen was there too, can’t drink as well as we guys and she was completely annihilated by 4 or whenever it was i got out of there though crystal and i were cross-eyed, still goin’ for it. there’s photos. i am not bragging or proud of my liver’s abilities here, just sharing. i watched that irish leap year movie yesterday and all the little irish drunks in the pub were so endearing however no, i do not intend to end up like that.

that chick, forget her name, maje raymi fan.

givin’er til the bitter end.

something to go.

someone is pumped. sell it on ebay.

weirdest faces ever picture. why am i making that face? i’ve never made that face before.

i am containing a bout of laughter no doubt.

eyeing this jealously.

look at the smug. i hope it gets you laid.

best bags.

david and rob came to buy us milagro shots. why not keep going.

we played kissing tag.

i do this elaine benes GET OUT kick when my brain cannot get to my mouth quickly enough so the gambs express what the mouth cannot. just stand back.

hahaha. when i get near italians i turn into one. happens with jews too. and polaks. and kitty cats.

how you holding up kid?

on way to corey‘s interruption.

i made fun of rob’s wine, so i bought a more expensive one, with his money cos my wallet was lost in the couch and turns out, his wine was my favourite of the night.

russ is a sexy m’fer.

kinky casie.

who would win in a fight though?

and, who is crazier?

merry christmas.

oh jesus. who is this guy?

self timer. we, are, working, here, people. duhhhhh. oldest (newest) excuse in the book.

dance dance point point dance dance point point this concludes my how to dance tutorial.

to adventurehouse.


oh yeah.

what a perfect way to end this post.

my room is still trashed. avoiding it.

no, this is the best way.

xoxox thank you everyone again and again. now back to reality.

11 thoughts on “blogtourage

  1. the 50 photo is funny because it’s skiddy.
    yes, a ME party will be a retard sensationally glitterific shit show.

    i think you would win in a fight. i am tough and have fighting skills from tae kwon do. i even won a comp once. still, you would win. i might be crazier. haha

    love you

  2. >>”i forget who the other fox is but fox all the same, thanks for coming. i made a few eye contact moments with her but was too shy and insane to pursue it. i was like martin short in father of the bride, dramatic, all over the place.”<< THAT FOX IS ONE OF MY BFF'S SOPHIA! i'll hook you two up on facebook. known her for 10 years, she's an actress and amazing at everything and breaks hearts everywhere she goes.

  3. I had fun, no trouble
    no I didn’t take butter-face
    yes, I was a bit upset i won the raffle twice but you wouldn’t let me take home the prize
    I wanted to meet the Eyeborg
    the only thing I stole is two tiny miniture babies you had in your trinket box.
    Did I say it was a fun night?

  4. 2 things:
    1. i love that you thought I was intentionally dressing mental! ha! that’s just typical-outfit-styles for me. the satin red short-shorts were mental but caused complete wardrobe meltdown and they stayed home (resulting in outfit #2 above).
    2. so sad I missed Jem-Raymi in person! But outfit #2 was pretty fuckin’ Beetlejuice-princess-fantastic. Good bum!

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