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i have no idea if the tickets are sold out i am assuming that isn’t the case, malfunction. don’t sweat it just pay at the door or email me ( if you have a blog and i’ll put you on the list. blogging equals medi-uh. oh my god i’m dying. hung. good day to be hung. rockstar. purchase tickets.


it was hard but i think i pulled off being a train wreck last nite.


oh what a nite.

casie’s sister is awesome. we want to do a show. them two vs. me and my mom.

and sprinkle some of the rest of the raymi cast of characters.

parts n labour crowd. meh. kind of fucking assholes. seriously get over life already, get over the scene stop thinking everything is so bloody important all the time. also fuck you jonathan dekel in your pajamas and smug beard hahah. i had to defend courtney love’s honour all nite long. people thinking kurt killed himself vs. her really divides people. whoever you are chick who was being catty and mean to me and smugly read my blog you said i had a bad attitude you also were a bitch to casie at some point too? yeah i’m pretty fucking sick of people in this city being assholes for no reason, it isn’t cute. it’s really revealing. casie and her sister suffered so much mean girl shit, women calling husband’s wives and lying about them fucking their men, credit card fraud. psycho shit. all cos they were the cute blond sisters in whatever town they are from. can you imagine? i have a great attitude. me, i’m good. but in the end i liked you afterall once i told you my crazy deep river experience can’t wait til that hits the netz. please don’t be mean to me in the comments i suffer enough i am too sensitive a creature for this constant slamming. friends say i should hire someone to field my mean press.

people were able to point out my “costume” (life imitating art imitating life) very easily. casie just wanted an excuse to dress like a slutty little lesbian. this is just a tiny sample of ridiculous photos.

dekel was all oh how lovely that your costume isn’t exactly what you are in real life. fucker. like i don’t already think that about myself every single day. the city needs a rock star so i will give them one. fuck courtney i’m goin’ spungen. if i was an actual train wreck i don’t think i’d be doing as well as i am presently thank you very much. and then i pants’d him.

i made an FB event for my party release me from my hell and click ATTEND so i can tell my companies the quantity of products necessary for my swag bags. speaking of, if you want in on this now’s the time to ask before those babies get filled up. like it or lump it my blog is on fire right now.

Ten years people. There are many people I’d like to thank but mostly, I thank myself for persevering and overcoming adversity. Many of you hate me and that’s ok, I hate you too, but only because you hated me first and still, I triumphed over you, one and all. As evidence of this I invite you to come celebrate ten years of my excellence.

Don’t be afraid of paying or pre-purchasing tickets you can do that at the door. There’s lots of room bring anyone you like. email me: so I can start formulating a list of people so I have a rough idea of how much free crap I need for my gift bags and how many fancy amuse bouches to be made.

You will be eating like royalty and drinking like rummies and everyone goes home with a bottle of rum.

I will be singing a few tunes with my dad’s Beatles band called Dr. Robert and also The Frandiscos will be spinning so it’ll get RTRD’D.

Comedian Dom Pare is MCing the night so you will be laughing your head off in-between standing around awkwardly rifling through my clothes and art and nicknacks.

I can’t wait until November 12 I hope there is room at CAMH cos I’m goin’ straight there after this jamboree.

hope to see you,

your pal Raymi.

8 thoughts on “ughhhhhhhhh

  1. youll be on the guest list mom. send me every name of every person you want. last nite was my one last hurrah before severe party planning mode, stress reliever and it was halloween.

  2. ok

    I’m glad its your hurrah for awhile.

    You are not going to like this but, I really don’t think you should post that pink crotch shot.

    Its not tasteful.
    you know how sometimes we can go too far and there is someone there for our own good telling us to reign it in?

    Well I’m afraid, this is one of those times.

  3. oh you mean like all the insulting shit you say on a daily basis because of your tourettes filterless stupidity?

    it’s just a photo mom and i was in character. you need to get a life.

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