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that performance got me in eye weekly.

these are casie’s pics. enjoy.

fake smoke pose. smoking is disgusting. if you smoke, you are disgusting. i ran up the street cos i was freeezing and then i got halloween pranked. a guy jumped out of a pile of leaves at me with a mask and went bRAAAAAAAH! i screamed and yelled then said fuck off laughingly and kept running. a crowd of twenty people were all waiting i was so oblivious they laughed casie and her sister jenie howl i keep going.

very ballsy to do that in parkdale man i could have shot you.

i didn’t even have to tell people who or what i was. oh, you’re courtney love. you’re missing kurt’s blood on your hands. i will push you down the stairs next time you say something so stupid. dekel and that mean girl i asked if they also believed that elvis was still alive and if they also believe in the tooth fairy. idiots. he did it himself. accept it babies.

quite the spectacle, us two.

and all the stars were just like little kids.

brats. we need collector’s cards, casie.

like the garbage pail kids. this one would be called malibeauty (take on malibu, hole song).

apple juice and water.

give party a chance.

mousey girl said she was an insecure cat. i said oh you mean, a hipster?

if you were wasted enough you could pretend i looked like gwen here.

the intruders are in the house now, they’re getting closer. send help.

got stink eye from a couple at the end of the bar watching us take bozo pictures (aka. having fun) casie goes out for a butt i am left there standing alone to fend for myself so i put my empty glass on the bar and say sweet as pie to the guy in the cozy sweater, “i love your sweater.” and he breaks mean toronto hipster guy character and totally melts, gushes thank you. girl absolutely sizzles. i stalk off without acknowledging her. i really hate mean people and i’m not going to take it anymore. this city is harsh with attitudes like that you may as well be the lower east side.

this dress makes me look like a cow.

courtney vision. broken social scene amazazazazazing. we danced punk. i know i did.

listen mama i get triple your traffic why do you get more free shit than me?


lipstick on my chin. IN CHARACTER. melodie said i coulda been trashier oh don’t worry progressively throughout the night my costume will reveal itself more and more.

what’s that?

a lady always knows when to leave. payce. thanks virgin america i will ride you any day.

gong show venue deux. nsc. that’s my smart serve card. i can serve you. smartly.

french cigarettes are fine. beatnik pinners.

party on the fire escape.

casie and i are going to become a relationship like oprah and gayle. we need to get a steadman though.

we are the new spice girls except we have no talent other than drinking a lot.

actually casie can do back flips she is a bullet.

i wish she was yelling in my face. look at my hair awesome. it smells really good too.

uh oh.

casie’s face says it all.

ticket thing is fixed. GIVE ME YOUR MONEYS LEBOWSKI.

16 thoughts on “RAYMETALLICA

  1. Guy in the sweater’s not pumping up your tires in the park anymore.

    Also, relax with the persecution complex.

  2. I was being nice about u and transferred the overall toronto vibe on to you, sorry for that. Pnl makes me really anxious so I act out. U are not the reg mean toronto guy tho the girl u were with was giving mean looks. U, are gorgeous.

    Ha, she had a rough weekend. Don’t take it personally.

    i dont. well i do, but more so just on le blog. i know im a freak show spectacle sometimes. no biggie.

  3. Nice. I take the time to leave you a comment on your blog and you dismiss mine as “some blowhard.” I’m not actually hung up on this, I just hate Courtney Hole and (obviously) was looking for some shameless traffic-stealing by posting a link in the comments of your more popular blog.
    Anyway, the biggest fan in the world couldn’t possibly begin to imagine another person’s state of mind, regardless of how much you’ve read about him/listened to his music. Btw, not trying to be a hater, despite what the tone of this comment may seem to be.

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