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murder weather

oh hi there it’s me your friend in the tube flops that pisses everybody off because they don’t have flip flops attached to their feet they can trudge through lake slimy rocks by or be prepared for an aerobics class just like that.

there i am again. this was when we first arrived. second morning. i am an idiot look at that morning sun or afternoon whatever light.

betty and veronica wanted at large, crimes: being single. for some reason.

this is going to be a pathetically dismal update as my laptop is burning hot from picture d/ling so it might conk out on me. which i love. i think i just figured out how to make photos smaller so this won’t happen anymore. i love the requisite hummingbird cottage feeder. reminds me of the homestead cottages the first time i ever saw one. i was all, Por Qué? and they were all, you know spanish? and i was all, i know spanish!? anyway, it fascinated me that you could feed these weird little birds with sugar water like, why? don’t you have better shit to do? that’s my four year old mentality. what a prick eh?

epic stand still traffic jam it was like the stand or any post-apocalyptic movie kinda eerie like that’s what it would really be like if the system stopped working what’s that movie with shia labeouf and bruce willis? was that another die hard movie? anyway, it starts with traffic then all goes to shit from there.

hi trish! these aren’t even remotely close to being in order.

this is when we escaped the traffic i don’t think we even made it to barrie before that happened.

taking pointers from the party bible of givin’er.

these kids were referring to trish as the crazy lady cos of her pants. they also thought we were all teenagers. i love kids. they’re so fucking stupid.

i’m gonna go on a weed break again. i was an eatasaurous rex this weekend. i largely feel like the off button is missing thanks to this garbage.

became intimately familiar with this stretch of land thanks to whatever bunged up the flow of traffic up ahead.

one of the first dudes out of their car. wicked. obvs.

not a bad way to spend a saturday afternoon when everyone else you know is back in the city. probably the best weather ever too.

on like zero hours sleep from closing up bar nite prior.

kinda somewhat see ab definition here amongst the flub. as well as my rod stewart cowlick.

those shorts are wicked tight too. i made another pair of shorts last nite. i have way too many shorts now. i figure it doesn’t matter cos they’ll see me through winter and all the dumb tights i plan to wear with them.

how irritated does this one make you feel?

when’s the last time you were caught in something like that? ever? ps. ABS!

so casual.

back at it. love these shades. same frame style as this other pair i have that bit the dust.

holy shit i look tanned. which means i must be hyper-tanned right now cos this is before the suntanning went down.

ugh. it’s like that zombieland movie (how come i can only relate real life things to movies?) kind of.


be right back with more. maybe. also, please vote for casie, help get her back in the lead to be virgin’s provocateur so that i can mooch off whatever perks come along with all that. thank you. it will only take a second or two. if i had my shit together enough to battle it out in a contest i’d have made an attempt at this myself, but i don’t have my shit together, so i didn’t. the end.

15 thoughts on “murder weather

  1. abs! that reminds me that mine are disappearing thanks to vacationing. better to be stuck in the country side than trapped in the city!

  2. -were you thinking of final destination

    -i feel like i have that same blue pipe

    -that traffic jam makes me wanna never complain about being stuck behind one car ever again

    -this counts as 4 comments.

  3. Stew and Trish!, I’m quite jealous (in a good way).

    Say hello to both of them for me, let them know I’m living up in Northern Ontario now, living a good devilish lifestyle, and look forward to seeing them in Toronto sometime when I come down to visit.


    Jason Michael

  4. Did you hear the story about the two narcissists that came together and exploded in a burst of passion?.

  5. this makes it painfully clear to me that i need friends that have adventures! how much fun are you having?!

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