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i don’t wanna work i just wanna blog on my blog all day

my eyes are so bloodshot i feel like i was just swimming in a pool filled with chlorine and nettles. i don’t even know why i’m here now as i haven’t even showered or packed for gbay it’s the avoidance procrastination dance. didn’t get to bed til 5am closed down the bar not even a shit show wind down close pretty mellow not a paper or pipe could be found so we tried to figure out how to make a bong which was impossible so a peace pipe type of contraption was crafted. solid class. ugh i just realised my bike is at the central. did i tell you the right hand break snapped? and all my gears are shot so now it’s a one gear bike i’m back to where i was with my other tank bike. i was gunning across college and felt like my brakes became really in-tune (magically?) all the sudden then snaaaap gone. kinda scary. the left one works fine, i think the left one does the back wheel? you’re welcome for sharing. look at this email i got last nite,

How are ya tonight Oxford girl ?

Hi Lauren, i took your advise and came over to your fine abode this eve.
Alas, you were so busy you did’nt notice me sitting at a table behind the three
guys sitting at the bar. I have a way of not being noticed it seems, i don’t know
if thats such a good way of getting noticed! Anyway you looked so lovely in that
dress, i was really stoned and tired from mixing all day in the studio but adamant
to at least see if you were as pretty in person as your post pics, you are. Maybe we can
shoot the shit sometime? Maybe i can come by when the bars less busy?

all the best rich ‘aka’ malcolm xyz , ‘aka’ , well you know.

i can’t tell if i should feel creeped out (don’t) or hyper-flattered or both or annoyed he didn’t say hi. i understand the shyness factor and it being slammed. craig came by also and i barely got to hang but anyway, i’m intrigued. i’m trying to remember everyone who was sitting in that area and i just can’t place a face to that spot. i just see darkness.

i will tell you where this dress is from if you email me. i’m not promoting shit for free anymore also i don’t want everyone to have the same dress as me. not that i expect this dinky store to come at me with free dresses or money i just i dunno, fuck them? i do like to help out my girls though so just write and i’ll tell you but don’t tell the universe. i went to urban behaviour to get my other dress the green one, i wanted it in black but they sent those dresses to orfus road location. um thanks? basically i pick stuff off the rack that no one wears cos it doesn’t hang well or look particularly beautiful while hung so no one can envision it on themself. if you see something with a boxy-ish shape on a hanger, kinda potato sack-like, shifty, it will look good on you if you actually have a figure, hips, curves, etc. raymi tip. i also belted this dress with the teeny belt that came with the other thing i got. this dress comes with a little brooch too. in the store a lady saw me come out, she was with her daughter who was mid-convo and went that is beeeeeeautiful! sold.

strongest beer ever holy shit you guys are in love with this redhead it’s insane. calm it down a little please i’m getting irritated. especially with the omg he’s hot marry him! really? OK! that’s how this works now!? DONE! thank you for deciding my life for me.

hare feast.

was good. not sufficient enough base for all the beer we were “tasting” though i mean i know you’re supposed to go light but no one ever does. ever.

beer passport map thing of all the bars/pubs in the city doing beer week.

my hair looks like a feather. in new orleans it’s going to be so fluffy so fucking fluffy ahaha can’t wait.

my ass looks like a heaven. nice stretch marks poppin’ from my tan.

can’t talk, working.

what’s that inxs song, something something wasted? elegantly wasted.

blah ok shower bye saturday here i come. first time FIRST TIME ALL SUMMER going to a fucking cottage. may 2-4 weekend doesn’t count. i told clem it will be my first time going up north all summer isn’t that sad and he goes yes, your life is sad.

11 thoughts on “i don’t wanna work i just wanna blog on my blog all day

  1. eating cheeseburger doritos as reading this post. did not live up to my high expectations but still managing to binge. i haven’t been up north this summer and have no plans to go before it’s over. i win!

  2. Actually I was in the bar too. I was wearing a suit made from other people’s skin. Did you notice me? Do hope it wasn’t creepy. I was tired from morris dancing and performing pagan rituals in the village hall all day so didn’t come over. I did snip off a small lock of your hair when you weren’t looking though.

    Really though, fuck me, how could that not creep you out? You are a brave woman indeed. I’m sure he’s a lovely chap n’all, but Holy ballbags that would give me the willies. No offence Rich/Malcolm. There’s the whiff of a romantic soul about you. It’s just there’s the whiff of simmering lunacy too. I’m sure it’s the former and that you’re no more than mildly in love with the Raymi construct, just like the rest of us.

  3. raymi what exercises do you do to tone your butt? haha, that’s a weird question, but you have any awesome butt and mine could use some toning :)

  4. Hey Raymi you are looking gorgeous!!!!

    I have been off the grid for 2 month while this wedding stuff got under way. It got pretty stressful after the honeymoon when we had to plan the reception; the whole left side of my face exploded in pimples and I was stress-eating anything crunchy. I remember leaving you a phone message, but we never made it into Toronto after that night. I’m in Ireland now and have some time alone and wanted to see what you’ve been up to. Looking great as usual – you’re going to New Orleans? When? Sounds fun. Miss you babe. R.

  5. yeah but remember when i pointed at that map of lake superior in the livingroom and you were up north and it was this summer? your life ain’t that sad.

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