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Remember what they say There`s no shortcut to a dream It`s all blood and sweat and life is what you manage in between

ready for a rant now? here’s an email i received during wakestock about 4 in the morning while i was crashed out in the hotel room of the production manager hahah. i’m actually getting anxious, pre-rant anxious about it cos i haven’t bothered to address hate mail lately. i don’t have the time for it. oh remember the boring days when i had time for negativity? me either. onward, certainly not upward, as this one’s pretty stupid, ignorant and downer…

subject: Oh Lauren (meanwhile she opens with “hey raymi” ugh you don’t know me, don’t call me anything you fucking bitch)

Hey Raymi, (snicker)

I’ve been reading your blog for a really long time and have always been a big fan of Raymi’s. As someone who really relates to your newfound single-hot-child-in-the-city life, I just, well, don’t anymore.

why do people feel compelled to delcare that they are “over” me? dude i don’t even know who you are, like, at all, period. you were beyond invisible to me for years so your disappearing blip to be (yeah right) will go largely (LARGELY) unnoticed. YOU know me. i don’t know you. GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD.

I know you have “haters”…and I’m not one of those.

ok then what the fuck ARE you then?

But I do think that some of them have a few, if not many, good points.

that you, again, feel compelled to for some reason inform me of like i asked you? do i wake up everyday and proclaim to the world i’m awake now please tell me what to do? does it not look like i carry on fine enough self-sufficiently as is without your/their/anybody’s say? do i need handlers? i am the one providing entertainment (generously) here and i don’t need your fucking feedback about it before the next show goes on. shut the fuck up unless you’re kissing my ass i don’t need your “points” thank you.

I think you’ve really lost touch of what made you cool to begin with.

which is what? sorry girl, i am cool, born cool, will die cool. i am not a poseur like many many others in this city. i am legit and i like what i like if you don’t like it you can stick to your fads that died yesterday, half the shit everyone else signs up for isn’t even fun. punk? is that fun? no! is it “cool”? yes! is it punk of me to punk, punk? do i care about ANY of this shit no i am just typing into my stupid blog that the entire fucking city reads because they know it’s the real deal, they might think i’m a joke but a successful joke, so really who’s the joke on?

You’ve become the opposite of that, the opposite of everything that 20-year old me (or 26-year old me, for that matter) would read about on a somewhat-daily basis and think “fuck yah! fuuuck yah, Raymi’s awesome.” It has nothing to do with who you ‘were’ (Phil, old friends, etc), but about who you are trying to be now, or seem to be now, or whatever.

well since you are the expert here please tell me who or what i am trying to be or was cos i haven’t a fucking clue to be honest. i do not “try” things. i am a DO-ER. not a TRY-ER. and what the fuck are you or who the fuck are you? you’re fucked out of your mind for one to write me such an intense email at 4 o’clock in the morning on a saturday after eyeballing my blog and seething at the bits, fuming from my wakestock (WORKING) weekend. you bought the hype so much you had to write a letter to the fucking editor what a nerd! you are not a doer. you are a commenter. you are a watcher, not an engager. you follow, you don’t lead. you think you have any experience on the matter of passing judgment on another’s life here? go make some waves in the water first before shooting your boring influenceless mouth off.

Every post I read now reminds me of my last year in high school, or first year in University, or worse.

you’re doing an awful lot of comparisons here, are you in love with me or do you want to be me or think you were living parallel to my life single white female style in whatever the fuck bland existence you have/had for yourself? so your party peak was high school/uni, cool story?

The point is, you’re old. It’s not that you look old, or act old, you’re just, well, old news. It’s all been done…and you’re way too late.

then why are my blog hits through the roof then? consistently, through the roof. i bet i get as many as torontoist. tell me ONE blogger in canada who gets more hits, a personal blogger, not a lainey gossip rag or tech bullshit artist blogger, someone who made themself the product/subject, not OTHER subjects. you can’t cos there isn’t one. high traffic = relevancy. numbers do not lie sister. why am i still relevant, hugely. sorry babe but i’m still of the moment and as i grow (age) so does my loyal audience. it’s a show down between me and them of who goes down first. it will obviously be me but as if they’re not going to watch. i will never ever ever disappear, people will never not be interested in what i do next. i am just that good. this is my skill set. have you made yourself famous? did you know you had such a magnetic dynamic personality that you’ll just fucking explode if you don’t come into contact with as many people as possible every goddamn day of your life? casie knows this, she is a force, a fucking force that i am proud of and proud to know. what am i late to, the game that i merely fucking invented? christ you’re lost.

I know you love to snark on “boring” couples, people, whoevers, but honestly, you just seem so pathetic…and angry. Yes, maybe you’re acting out your early 20’s now or ‘living the good life! the fun life! the better-than-your life!’ like I assume you might say, but I think what you’re really living is sad and boring.

good for you person who should have just stopped reading and not written a personal love sonnet on their way out

I mean, Raymi, Wakestock? With Casie Stewart and hair extensions, no less? Come onnn. The worst part is, you’re not even influential anymore.

BAHAHahahaha if i wasn’t influential why did redd hair studio sponsor me those extensions (and another set) AND all my hair styling, dye (expensive), cut, anything? hmm well for a start, they’re a boutique salon and very exclusive, high end, coveted, their celebrity clientele roster is ridiculous. anyway, the point is i walked in there, took some photos playing around with hair extensions with my friend britt, blogged said photos and the next day shannon’s phone blew up with all her friends asking for the same hair extensions. friends whom for years have known about their friend’s salon yet also read my blog. who sold them those hair extensions? raymi did. you see maggie, this is what we call influence. this is just one example of many in which i have (based on my star power alone) influenced others to try out a product or service, not only because i am attracted to it myself and believe in it and give it my raymi’s book club stamp of approval and people depend and rely on my word of honour, i sold that motherfucker cos i’m raymi the fucking minx and that’s simply what i fucking do, whether intentional or not it just happens. i get “copied”, emulated, whatever. there’s hundreds of raymi copy cat blogs out there. i do something to my hair, i buy an outfit, try a new look, it gets copied. i am a trendsetter, not a follower, i am my own person and i’m just blogging it, i don’t care if it’s old or not allowed or “done” or anything i’m a doer, still doing, my thing. and i don’t care what anybody has to say or wonder or analyze (psycho) about it. if people want to latch on to the raymi train then good. if they don’t, so what. write an email to me about it i guess? you know who else sponsored me? wakestock. you’re favourite. you sound obsessed. sorry you weren’t invited.

You’re comic relief. You know how people love reading fake/ shitty celebrity magazines to make themselves feel better about their own lives? That’s why people read your blog.

all celebrities are comic relief, they know this and that’s why they have millions of dollars and you don’t you stupid fucking retard. i know what i’m doing here where is the mystery?????? it’s four in the morning GO TO BED!

The really interesting, cool people in Toronto who do actual cool shit (the SNP’s, the Vaneska’s,the.list.goes.on.), they’re never even on the same party list as you (Wakestock! ha.),

yaaaaaaawn. did you know on snp’s blog she mentioned she was thinking of getting hair extensions cos she’s trying to grow her hair out? do you know she’s in the fashion world and vaneska’s in the dj world and do you know i think they’re great and cool and all that shit i’m contractually blogligated (hahahah) to say, but anyway, you sound like a baby desperate poseur dying to get in on their scene but you’re whining to me about it why? do you even know how the pr media world works in toronto? do you know how many parties i turn down because i don’t have the time or the care for the “scene”? it’s superficial, superfluous and exactly the same shit you were complaining about up there about my “better than you” lifestyle vibe living. you’re an idiot. fuck you pay me is typically my response to people if the party itself doesn’t seem like it’s going to “give” me enough of what i want, namely free booze and food. those are the things i bother going to and not some boring whatever at whatever soon-to-not-be hot bar in the city “thing” going on that everyone goes to because that’s what they’re supposed to do and THAT’S what you think i should be doing or am being “excluded” from? laughable. it’s called choice, maggie. it’s boring, trust me. i have some people who don’t even bother typing a word, not a solid word in an email before the dollar amount. i have trained these advertisers, type it in the fucking subject line THEN explain to me what you want me to do i’m not going to pretend to care about shit on my blog just so everyone thinks i’m cool. that’s what’s “really cool and interesting” to me maggie. money.

let alone the same blogroll.

what does that even mean? what blog roll? god’s blog roll? WE HAVE OUR OWN LIVES AND SCENES THERE ISN’T ONLY ONE SCENE IN THE CITY and there is nothing wrong with jockstock which by the way we had the high-rolliest of times at it was so much fun being treated like celebrities, it was retarded and amazing and obscene and everyone should get an experience like that at least once in their lives. in case you didn’t notice in all the years of jerking off to my blog, i kinda dig sports and am kind of a tomboy myself look how california beach surfy tanned i am does it match anyone else in the fucking scene right now that is or isn’t happening? i also love casie stewart. she’s a bigger man than me cos when i told them about your shitty email and alluded to her being slagged too she cut me off and refused to even give you any fucking airspace. so impressive. i wouldn’t have the power to not demand to know every single thing about that email straight away. she’s a bigger and better person than you will ever be. she gets shit on so fucking much it makes me sick. she hustles her ass to the bone and deserves everything she’s earned. she is a star and an idol. she IS ladyblogga, to the core. she shut your ass down maggie, you are an insect. you got straight dissed. sad face.

There’s no Minx left, not at all.

don’t make me choke laughter.

I guess we’re finally just seeing Lauren

did you just learn that the tooth fairy wasn’t real too? you were seeing lauren all along are you schizophrenic?

…and Raymi was all a facade. What a waste of my 6 years.

OH BOOHOO sob and why didn’t you reply to my angry responses via email you pussy! this is what i said i can’t even remember this is old news to me now. wakestock was a lifetime ago. you’d know that if you were involved in any sort of scene and not just a passive voyeur.

“Wow really, a 4am email, this? Cool!!! It’s a business girl. Thanks. The entire toronto scene is a dead joke anyway I have never been fully immersed in it. Am I not allowed to go away to work for a fucking weekend with friends to a joke festival? Be a bitch much? And I’ve hustled my ass to the bone to be where I am now.”

in summation, this email made me feel claustrophobic. there was just so much wrong about it i felt overwhelmed with all the defensive i was gonna have to be about it because that’s my own biggest mental deficiency, being defensive. i always feel like i need to address shit and clear things up. i like a good fight when i know i’m right.

ok time to re-read the nonsensical, edit, shower, work. my mom thanks you for wasting my time so that i had less time visiting with her and my niece today. asshole.

also, i know “raymi” the facade thereof, is supposed to be “too cool” to have feelings or whatever but on the subject of mean, that email, MEAN. that’s dirty, dawg. i don’t play that way at all. you are a rotten person maggie. your core is gross. good luck with that.

46 thoughts on “Remember what they say There`s no shortcut to a dream It`s all blood and sweat and life is what you manage in between

  1. I love the black dress in the photos. You look great.

    I don’t know why people bother to post mean comments. If they don’t like your blog, they should just stop reading it and piss off.

  2. You apparently got dumped by someone you didn’t know you were going out with, and were given a detailed inventory of the reasons why you didn’t live up to the expectations of the relationship. That’s a first.

  3. Damn people are mean. If I didn’t want to read your stuff anymore I’d just leave. No long drawn out Shakespearean death scene explaining everything I hated in the world. I’d just be gone. What blog readers seem to misunderstand is that just because their connected with the writer, it doesn’t mean the writer is connected to them. I’ve commented maybe 4 times in the 4 years I’ve been reading your blog. I don’t expect to be missed, neither should she.

  4. It really is hilarious how so many people feel the need to tell other people what to do.

    I will never understand it.

    Live and let die…

  5. scanned through the hate, but smelt the strong scent of bullshit emanating from it anyway. no more minx, eh? pfft. looking pretty foxy in that dress. love the lace!

  6. i never understood what makes people think they can “talk sense” into strangers on the internet whom they have never met. is it our duty as readers, or something? can i get paid? oh nevermind i have things to do today! haha.


  7. Yikes! That girl is waaaaaay too insecure. Someone’s jeals because THEY never got live and do all the things they wanted to do. I think she was happy seeing you not do all the crazy fun stuff back in the day and it made her feel good because neither was she. Now she sees you having the time of your life and she feels like she’s missing out. Hence the 4am cat call.

  8. You look gorgeous in the beerfest photos! I love the dress. Fuck that crazy bitch…I’ve been reading your blog for several years and have never found it to be lacking. If I did, I wouldn’t read it anymore…and I definitely wouldn’t feel the need to send you some batshit crazy e-mail telling you why I stopped.

    One of the things that makes reading your blog so interesting is that you just do whatever the fuck you feel like, and you don’t try to be what other people think you should be. Most of us aren’t like that, and we wish we could be. And that I think is the heart of what this girl is pissed off about. You’re having more fun than her and that makes her mad. So mad that she felt the need to send you nonsensical hate mail at 4am.

  9. I like your blog but you do seem different now…not bad just much more comercially driven than when I started reading a long time ago. Your random art has degenerated into something which now seems hollow and hits/sales/PR based.

  10. And it’s not a sad waste of space to post some shitty little comment on the blog you apparently hate?

  11. why even bother dignifying her comments with a response??? Should have just said this to her. “Listen, lady. I don’t come to where you work and slap the dick out of your mouth.”

  12. when i read hate mail stuff like this that people write you, and i wonder what it is that compels people to say/type whatever their judgments of you, i think insecurity, yeah, everyone’s insecure. i think it’s the people who are irritated with themselves with the fact that regardless of what they think of your lifestyle, they can’t stop tuning in. they hate and judge themselves for having the secret desires they do to live so openly and freely, without apology, that they feel the need to point you out, as if it prevents people from seeing it in them. people who are dynamic and interesting draw everyone in, regardless of whether people like or dislike them. and people that are have true creative talent, who are incredibly relate-able -regardless of lifestyle, similarities or differences- who can put words to the daily life stuff that the rest of us struggle to describe so simply and comically, who really are true writers, have the ability to keep everyone’s attention. and i guess in turn, they want your attention. like a bratty kid, whether it’s positive or negative attention, they want it. i don’t really know why people feel the need to share their judgments like that, because i’m not a shallow asshole. just know that for every asshole who’s life you’ve impacted, there are 10 more people who recognize your talent. you basically said it, the people who judge don’t matter and the people who matter don’t judge.
    -long time lurker, first time commenter

  13. It makes me think of stars wars nerds or the like who when a sequel comes out that they don’t like they get all up in arms about how such and such a character just WOULDN’T do that, because they have this idea of exactly what that character should and shouldn’t do, and it just doesn’t fit in with their over-active imagination of how they want it to play out. My only remedy for this sad and pathetic commenter is to suggest one of those books where you get to choose what happens next and make the story go the way you want it. Well that and maybe she should get a life, or go take a flying fuck through a rolling doughnut.

    In any case, I’m glad that you have your rants about this stuff and then move on from it and continue rocking, because there are a lot of us out there that appreciate that. x

  14. why does that person assume anyone would even care what they think? i dont know you at all, but i think its awesome you do your thing. keep doing it.

  15. Just fyi, this was a few posts ago, but I feel the need to mention it–you don’t need new shoes. If the ones you gym in are comfortable and protect your feet, that’s all you need. You don’t need crazy newfangled (yes I said it) pumped up rocket spring sneaks to run in. In fact, majorly cushioned shoes are worse for your feet, legs, and entire body than your old shoes. So keep ‘em.

  16. god you’re so damn pretty! red head dude is super cute. i couldn’t read the whole mean email thingy, started to read a bit but then i feel myself getting worked up (how weird it’s not even directed at me!?) and so i had to stop and pretend it/she didn’t exist.
    let them have the last word. you have the last action

  17. Yeah, I used to get those random jealous hags when I was a regular blogger, which is why I just don’t bother anymore. Not a personal one at least. I’m happy you do though.

    Speaking of advise not asked for, I think you would look smashing as a redhead. Just sayin’

  18. I love this blog. I am addicted, I can’t even tell you why. Raymi is just infectious. The haters will check back every day, and fall in love when they least expect it.

  19. My guess is that this sad person cuts down anybodies life but chose yours to get herself some negative attention.

    Its sad what people will do when they are bored of their own mundane existence.
    They resort to hurting and abusing other people.

  20. I fucking love that first photo. You own Toronto in that one!

    And I’m very happy you’re taking the Pen out more often now.

  21. I feel like your posts are different now, but i wouldnt think i know so much as to say YOU have changed, but the content does feel different, less art, less, i dont know, when i first found it i got a vibe from your blog like, im from a really small town (trenton) and your blog made me feel like even being from a small town i could identify with toronto, or someone from toronto, or parts of toronto.

    It actually changed my view of Toronto alot, and after having found your blog and read it for a few months i felt easier about moving with my girlfriend while she attended Humber and i spent a while in the city.

    I cant say what these other people get from your writing, or your pictures, but any comments they have about you as a person are kind of odd to me, they assume so much about you, who knows your blog isnt all made up shit? they make these assumptions that youre this way, or that way, and then when you dont conform to their weird idea of whatever you should be they start hating you, i dont really get it.

    I just think youre cool, and you post cool stuff, so i keep reading. You can do no wrong in my eyes, and fuck these other people who want to label you as this or that.

  22. I knew a girl whose name was Maggie
    She had tits that were awfully saggy
    Her left marrow snagged in the laptop fan
    Span her round and round the camper van
    And that tit’s now not just saggy its baggy!

  23. Although you seem to be a sweet person in many ways, and there is some truth to both sides….I have to agree with Maggie here, particulary her point about people reading this blog in order to feel better about their own lives. The reason people make negative comments has nothing to do with their own lives or lack thereof, being ‘fat’ or sad or whatever; it’s because you are just so fricking irritating, boorish, and obnoxious. It’s not cool to leave hatery comments but it is satisfying. And your retort to Maggie’s email is a messy disgrace. Get some class! You used to be a cool person. Stop blogging like this before you destroy yourself completely.

  24. All of your pictures look amazing. Maggie needs to fuck off and go find a personality, some friends, and then maybe her own life would come together and she can stop hating on people who’ve already got it together.

  25. That lisabeth should become best friends with Maggie

    this is what abusers do, they find “a thread of truth” and try and make the victim insecure with it

    classic abusers who are not liked and can only get negative attention.

    The sad truth is that they’ve probably both been abused by people

    but its still no exuse to come crap over here.

  26. In love with your Olympus photos! I told my Facebook friends to save their money for my birthday in November and get me that camera!

  27. “You apparently got dumped by someone you didn’t know you were going out with, and were given a detailed inventory of the reasons why you didn’t live up to the expectations of the relationship. That’s a first.”

    Best comment ever.

  28. extensions fucking rule! Although a little uncomfortable they up anyone’s hot factor by 300 percent… anyone who bitches about them is purely jealous. Let’s have a blonde extension date soon.

  29. not sure why it’s so disturbing to others when an artist evolves. who the heck takes this blog so personally that they become unhinged when the main character actually challenges herself/ tries new things? peoples is so nuts.

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