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Got your package. The shirt is boss!

And my cat Juno loves the sombrero. Haha

Thanks, Panda

PS – judging by the writing on the package you have the hand writing of a serial killer. Is that why you are laying low? Did you take a few people “out”. Is that why I never see the same people twice in your pictures?


not in hiding haha just ahh blah bleh. you can keep up on my bullshit via twitter though i’m frequently saying things i shouldn’t be over there.

i went to the gym yesterday for the first time in ever, unfroze my account, i’m done paying in september but can work out til march. fuck yeah.

finally also got my grandpa’s bike off fil and rode it around oh my god it’s like nite and day having gears, so speedy. can’t believe i’ve been suffering and torturing myself with my tank of a bike for years. which i left locked up by ginger’s place yesterday in the distillery. place bets on how long it takes me to collect it.

i’ll do a proper post later.


oh and i wear dumb old lady shorts now as well as lifeguard shorts i hope that’s fine with you.

granola city update:

mitzi’s ranks 4th so far. tops is easy’s then gladstone’s then drake’s. no wait i forget i have to think about this more. i’m hung from work last nite. shots forever. it was a good nite. empty city on a long weekend very mass exodus everyone forgot about us. curly haired fuck and i are hanging out, he is obsessed with finding some polarized sunglasses. the jerk is going to panama next week. i wanna go away so bad.

after wakestock i’m fucking off again somewhere.

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