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more cowbell FAIL

oh god this is killing me can’t stop laughing.

we were all beating the bar and doing the SNL sketch before i started filming and couldn’t breathe laughing then this happened taking it right over the edge.

these guys made my nite.

8 thoughts on “more cowbell FAIL

  1. Romeo and Juliet
    Are together in eternity
    40,000 men and women everyday
    40,000 men and women everyday
    Another 40,000 coming everyday
    Come on baby…don’t fear the reaper

    Love BOC

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  3. i read a lot of blogs and very rarely comment but just so you know ;-)
    Goan refers to something that is from Goa which is a VERY beautiful part of India. It was a portuguese colony for a very long sorry to give you the wika explanation but it covers a lot of ground. The food from there is amazing!

  4. ya i’m a super loser and commented on the wrong post. my “goan” explanation was meant for your if she’s electric post.

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