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the lamer the balance tests, the older you are apparently. feh.

love this guy.

warmest socks ever. wil come in handy for tobogganing.

garbage dump lady whom i reference constantly but can never find a picture of online. also should have used a different camera. anyway this is me like every morning.

so what’s on the ticket tonite aside from obviously getting gunned? think i’m staying local, cheaper, less bullshit and so on. and i never make resolutions but this year i plan to be way less lazy and on top of that finally get my driver’s license as well as finish my book asap and to also finally change my phone plan i am sick of fainting every time i view my bills (burlington is long distance and i have a toronto area code) and first thing next week go to the gym i am still paying for and hassle them into killing the contract somehow. i figure i’ve been quietly acceptingly paying since summer so they might give me a break.

be safe tonite pals happy new year!

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  1. Have a fantastical evening Raymes! I hope you do all of those things and many many more in the new decade. Wishing you the best in life and love and happiness!!

  2. How sad is it that this makes me think of that Friends episode where Chandler wants to quit the gym. Hopefully it goes better for you haha.

  3. I’m getting my license for real this year too! For years I was afraid of driving cause my first driving classes were awful and the instructor was a sexist prick and often said inappropriate things about women and driving. It’s really very easy and I drive all the time even though I shouldn’t. Good luck Lauren, happy new year!

  4. we watched labyrinth last week for the first time in about fifteen years, and it was way more awkward and creepy than i remembered. why do bowie’s pants have to cup his package so suggestively, and is there not a slightly pedophiliac vibe going on? don’t get me wrong – still love it, but i don’t remember being so weirded out by it when i was a kid. maybe because i was a giant awkward nerd myself.

  5. oh man. I need to cancel my gym membership too. my gym won’t do it over the phone, bastards. they do that on purpose, you know. knowing it’ll just draaaaag it out. happy 2010!

  6. FINALLY having a wii fucking rules. we only have the basic sports one that comes with it, but i still LOVE doing my daily fitness test. NERD PANTS.
    we got Mariokart, holy crap is it EVER addictive.
    i can’t WAIT to get a version of Wii fit. i have zero balance skillz it so kicks ASS!

  7. ha. my goal for the past couple years has been to get my drivers license… still haven’t gotten around to it, but guess what? It’s my new years resolution this year aswell. I actually went for the test once during these few years and missed by one point. I may decide to go for the test again sometime this decade. who knows, anything is possible.

    I could procrastinate for the whole country.

    btw haven’t read your blog for a couple months (longboringstoryblahblahapologies) but it’s nice to see you are still around and still providing tmi fun-ness. Here’s to another year of Rayminess!

    happy new year and hope you feel better soon!

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