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bulimia hit list

i filled up an entire sheet of paper (i have sloppy shit big loopdy-loop writing) with all the chain restaurants/fast food garbage i’ve consumed since i’ve been a suburbanite. some places more than once even. oh and i lost that list. i know i didn’t throw it out it’s just tucked away some place i won’t ever find again so here i go now:

red maple buffet
east side mario’s
mcdonald’s (REGRETSY!)
tim horton’s (somewhat counts)
chap’s (twice)(texican is NOT a word)
shoeless joe’s (FUCK THEM!)
st. louis
royal coachman
bombay something
slye fox (was sick that nite)
brooklyn bar&grill (twice)(burlington bowl)
emma’s backporch
secret favourite mediterranean restaurant (multiple times)
another mediterranean place
new york fries
thirsty cactus
harvest burger (twice)
dominoes (a few times)
pizza pizza (twice)
some other pub
my thai
queen’s head
that other pub near it
then some other pub
then the pub around the corner several times
pita pit
tons of junk food like chips candy chocolate pop nachos chili dip etc

sushi doesn’t really count except for when you get sake beer and tempura rolls which is always. i still want to hit burger king. i’m sure i’m missing a huge chunk of places i’ll re-add if they come to me.

sayonara fat ass!

20 thoughts on “bulimia hit list

  1. So not fair…

    Since I moved out west we’ve been eating out non-stop but it has stayed with me. We went for our last McDonald’s run right before a movie and I almost cried about how fat I was getting/might get/will get if this keeps up. Exercise! Less junk! Smaller portions! Watching more tv staring skinny chicks! reading your blog!

  2. im one of those annoying people that can eat whatever they want and not gain weight, ive been trying to get fat since i was 16. My doctor put me on some anti psychotic meds (zyprexa) 2 years ago because im bi-polar and manic depressive and i gained 34Lbs!!!!! YAY now if only i could gain 30 more i’d be happy.

  3. your site is the first for me to check out from my wii. wii fit says im almost obese. i wish i knew how to add ppl on it id add you. have a good night

  4. I’m curious about why you hate Shoeless Joes, it’s one of the few chain restaurants I can stand. The waitresses are gross and dumpy but try so hard to be hot though, which is annoying but I like the food ok. Also Pickel Barrel is another chain I don’t mind, have you tried it?

  5. You forgot Tin Cup… unless that was counted as one of the pubs….

    Man I’m a loser for knowing that.

  6. that girl – yes i totally forgot tin cup, not intentonal.

    melody i’ll relink the shoeless joes post. basically worst most expensive salad ever. i have tried pickel barrel, only once though and yeeears ago. didn’t amaze me. though nothing much does.

    charmaine i’ll try to figure it out.

    jenny i rpped that pic from it’s thanksgiving leftovers in a hoagie. was purposely going for the most disgusting picture possible.

    sweden re: weight gain and crazy pills yeesh been there. not going back.

    red-handed i get cravings from anything, a picture even or a thought, an idea, and i will not let it go until i have it. so bad.

  7. i’m going to Pm you my wii number then you have to add mine… there’s bad videos on youtube on how to do it…

  8. Stay the hell away from any form of fast food. It’s a major con. FastFood in bed with BigPharma making $$$$. Starbucks maybe OK, unless the DDT they spray on coffee beans in Colombia gets disolved back into our coffee. OMG!
    ps, Like your site.

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