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since you’ve been gone

sorry for lickin’ bag blog-wise. haven’t been feeling it nor have i had the time. here’s a video to get you started (wow i literally just uploaded it and some loser parked in my youtube already one-starred it so gay i so missed the shittiness of the internet while on hiatus pfft fuck everyone). this christmas has certainly been a long one and different. awesome gifts, so spoiled.

biosilk rules, you can also use it on your skin. thanks alison!

here‘s a set from xmas eve at my dad’s with some other bullshit in it uploaded a few days ago can’t be bothered to transfer.

here’s my dream summer maxi dress though.

and another garbage awesome christmas house.

cool effort, burlingtan.

finally have the house to myself time to get baaaaaaaaked.

oh look it’s raymii.

implementing new jeans into my wardrobe have to learn to be ok with them not being super skin tight. they’re ass hanger-offers like hi guys i had no idea these pants were perfectly slouched around my hips.

you heard it here first, junky is in for twenty-ten.

6 thoughts on “since you’ve been gone

  1. junky has been in for ever and ever and everrrrr…to me. I just discovered John Freida “tone restorer” shampoo, makes you blonder with each wash? YES PLEASE! (p.s. I’m not joking)

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