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dick move terry

two things i haaaaaate: mint/chocolate combination and orange chocolate combination. blech. the mint/choc is thanks to my stuffing a junior mint up my nose once to gross out my brother, it got stuck then burst, melting and oozing down my nasal passage like the worst coke drip you will ever have and ever since i cannot stand the shit and when people hear something so ludicrous such as disdain for mint chocolate you have to tell them why so i’ve retold this story infinity times. i hate the flavour of orange and chocolate because they just do not go and that’s that. dave got one of those orange things for christmas (also doesn’t dig on the flave) and it was pretty funny seeing him pretend to be pumped about it. the only good thing about it is slamming it into a table. right now those “slices” are sitting pretty in a paper bag in a cupboard but will soon be at the bottom of a trash bag instead or maybe they’ll stick around for desperation stoner snacks.



haven’t been able to swear since christmas eve we have house guests who aren’t for it. i’m actually doing quite fine but i sound like the biggest geek ever and removing a chunk out of your vocab not to mention a whole wack load of material leaves you with like, nothing. smiling and nodding and agreeing haha. lots of inside jokes too.

oh and according to wii fit i am 20 years old. can you imagine being twenty again?

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  2. Those Chocolate oranges are good shit. Not Mint Chocolate good, but tasty none-the-less. My sister got a white chocolate one, it’s rad.

    Bring me some chocolate orange if you don’t wanna eat it.

  3. Having never seen one of those orange balls before, I googled it. Apparently you aren’t the only one who doesn’t like them — there are a bunch of them for sale on ebay. Too bad you whacked it already.

  4. Every Christmas we’ve had as been a swear free one, it’s funny cause my dad is the one who swears the most during it but catches anyone else who does. rob and i mastered the “fuck this” look whenever someone in our family did/said something stupid.

  5. jamie who the hell would buy food off ebay? there’s a dumb commercial that goes along with this orange thing look for it if yer bored.

    krista the best thing about familial obligations are the secret shitty faces you get to make behind everyone’s backs.

    eve i would starve to death than eat orange chocolates. sean they’re all yours.

  6. Fuckin-A Raymi!!! Tell em’!

    People who buy food on eBay are the same fuckers who always get the Halloween candy with the razor blades in it.

  7. and while im at it who buys ANYTHING on ebay? if i want useless junk i’ll just walk out the door and into any store. holy shit people!

  8. I got my first chocolate orange this year. I tasted it and went UGH, but of course in a desperate chocolate moment I will eat it. it’s in the freezer. I love the back-forth between you and your mom, so hilarious (because it sounds just like me and my mom).

  9. Save it for stoner desperation. I actually ate maple syrup one time out of sheer desperation. Chocolate Orange > Maple Syrup on a spoon.

    But they are sick.

  10. rasp/choc i don’t mind at all there’s an amazing tartufo choc/rasp ice cream ball by president’s choice. four come in box. also, turkish delight, crazy weird plus crazy mmmm!

    breanna i have a thing with maple syrup now, ate a maple sugar candy (stomach churning as i type this) once and have not been the same since. that being said, maple syrup on ice cream is surprisingly good.


  11. Yeah I have to disagree with Nalene, rasp/choc is delicious and that makes the “orange” delicious but kinda defeats the purpose of calling it an orange… just call it a chocolate/ raspberry ball of yummy!

    Sorry for more stoner food talk… I’ll just call mine hungover talk!

  12. how are you hung right now. stoner food talk never has to end ever i was just signing off because i think i’m funny all the time because i have no friends.

  13. Oh I wasn’t hung then, but I will be later, and I will want delicious terrys raspberry ball. but none will be available. So I will sigh and go back to sleep with the blinds closed. God bless the holidays… and booze!

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