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hohoho bitch you a ho

these are my two rotating holiday outfits so if you see me in one it’s cos i wore the other one the day before. just helping.

requisite tree pose. like why? for my nana? like she cares.

ghetto red tips.

XL? yeah thanks mom but no thanks.


now you know how nice my family is to me. secret’s out you dicks! that’s my mom’s writing and my brother’s drawing. there’s fifty billion of these since the beginning of time. anther fave nick was to refer to me by bee stings. assholes.

mary kate vortex.

took off my awful nails swapped for some sparkly red.

i loooove that there’s an f21 at mapleview mall so much more room to shop and less twerps milling about getting in your way. the shirt, ring and charm necklace i merry christmased myself from there.

that too. scratch on wrist is a mystery.

this little fiesta number i got for ten per cent off cos i take after my mother, well, there were some material pills (quils?) pokin’ out and it was the last small.

an unrelated haha. thank bri.

just a teensers update for now. hope everyone’s hav’n a swell holiday.

6 thoughts on “hohoho bitch you a ho

  1. Um, what about all the nice gifts I gave u, including the tiny tape recorder so that you could “speak any book ideas into the microphone”?

    You could always pull those fishnets high up over your head and make a body stocking out of it

    I did not draw that photo
    you and your brother pelted me with 100 wrapping paper snow balls for my Xmas present

    do you feel better now?

  2. Doesn’t sparkly red nail polish make you happy? I’ve got some on and am in love with it.

    I get bruises and scratches and forget where they come from. Often it’s because I was blazed at the time.

  3. red nailpolish makes me feel like everybody hates me but i feel that all the time anyway so the red polish just compounds it i guess like they hate me but oh man they SO hate me now meanwhile no one even notices ha.

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