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she said i am the one

it’s ok to be jealous of my fly moves. good luck working out what is even going on.

dave slayed me both frames. rounds? whatever i blew. gunned bowling is the shit. pulled out a bottle of fireball in the truck and invented a new painful (and disgusting) way to give’r. take a slug, swallow, then a drag off a dewb you will not be disappointed. you will not even know your name afterward. later on we rented fubar oh right on.

bowling radio is also awesome. you didn’t select the jams therefore when caught grooving to ‘em you can be like hey man, it’s just bowling. i am actually trying to figure out how to track down a brutal song i dug on last nite based on the dismal amount of lyrics i can remember and i am too embarrassed to share them here. OMG it’s a miley cyrus song woah lame bait well at least it sounds nothing like her so it’s ok? it’s just bowling man.

9 thoughts on “she said i am the one

  1. From the low angle in the top picture you can hardly see the division between the lanes, as if you could launch a ball free-form way into the corner set of pins. Extreme pool-bowling.”10 pin in the corner lane.”

  2. Gunned cosmic bowling is my favourite. It looks like you were the only people there… even better! Obnoxious teenybopper bowlers kill the buzz.

  3. I can’t believe there is no Brittany Murphy here yet, I for sure thought you would talk about her.

    She was in the BEST SEX SCENE EVER if you ask me. In 8 Mile. Or maybe I was just pretending it was me and Eminem so it seemed really hot. ;)

  4. effin A. You are awesome! You continue to grow. The only bullshit on which I call is that you should already by now be rich and famous. Assuming you aren’t!!!

    Keep BLOGGING and rocking! (you rock suburbia suck as no one else)

    Britt M 4ever

    Luv you Raymi,


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