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i only wish there could be more lights on this house.

and it could rain snowflakes. or snow them.

or have arrows that direct you to where the driveway is complete with xmas lights carport in case it wasn’t obvious. though i think it is actually meant to invite you into the backyard for more light displays seriously these strangers disappeared to the side of the house to the back for awhile.

and my other wish is for the display on the front lawn to fade into a new one on a set timer!

this display is not at all eye-searing, obnoxious or fucked and i think that this house should go on a date with the house on my dad’s street with all the crazy junk shit in the lawn. also, good for you why not right? zany trumps ordinary any day for me.

angles, guys.

checked out mapleview mall’s extended hours, checked some names off the list ho ho ho. tried on and fell in love with a summer maxi dress (on clearance) didn’t do it. will now obsess and regret. i feel it’s wrong to buy summer garb for yourself a week before christmas not that i believe in any nativity scene scene or anything but i guess it’s like honouring thy other people i should be buying for right now vibe? plus the bleach blond cali-type girl was all are you going on vacation? uhh why? ooooh right um yeah no but you never know right? pfft girl i am going to wear this thing around the house until it falls apart. or in new orleans.


szechuan stir-fry chicken with steamed veg paired with brown rice vermicelli noodles and loads of sriracha.

thanks jaymbo!


  1. “zany trumps ordinary any day for me”…yes, yes! Those cartoons are great! “lemme have it”…that sums up me in high school/college, yep.

  2. yeah i was gonna say as krista the dragon and motorcycle dont really say xmas to me…
    i have a house like this down the street from my house, equally insane, im just too lazy to go and take a pic of it, its not really in walking distance.

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