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this is my favourite christmas house

it’s hard to ignore how fully lazy and sloppy some of my fellow burlingtonists are.

seriously, what is going on here have you not heard of trying?

supes more terrible on the eyes in real life. i am fighting the urge to go over there right now and asking did you just like give up after drive-by throwing that multi-coloured net light strand up there like that? thanks for the laughs we get every time we pass your joint. i know that was mean but i don’t care, if you saw this thing in the daylight you’d get very depressed.

spicy food lips plus red chapstick and sweats.

far out man.

sriracha attack. craving it big time now.

i think my hair is too brassy.

pee pee stance?

first time leaving the house since monday.

went to this new cozy place (albeit douchey)(big time) around the corner called tin cup. nice place but a little (a lot) out of place. i think they forgot to check the city map before they decorated the inside as the clientele they’re going for aren’t exactly the dominant-residing citizen of this town. it was funny seeing the faces of some of those canadian tuxedos coming through the door looking around and immediately leaving. also there’s an enormous tiger woods photo on the wall you guys obviously don’t read the news and another thing, golf sports bar? good luck with that genre. moreover while i’m at it what’s with all these new “high-end” suburban restaurants with their obnoxiously tall and sumptuous (oooh sooo sumptuous) booths? darkly coloured wrap-around the restaurant seating oh my god we get it you’re exclusive-posturing fuck off oh how nice they don’t use decimal points in their prices we must be in for a reeeeal experience now!

sorry sorry whatever. hating all the time is exhausting. maybe one day a week i will have a nothing but positivity rule around here see how that goes over. how interesting. but until then let me tell you about the girls night out table beside us and their large order of nachos (served in a trough)(i have never seen a plate so big before in my life) that took them forever to get through. i wasn’t going to slag them until i remembered just now they all shot me dirty up and down looks (according to dave) when i had to squeeze by to pay the bill. on the way back i purposely slinked through with maybe 4 inches of room and how dare i nudge their chair just a little bit. at least i was dressed like punky brewster. fuck them. i temporarily revoke my women rule take as i am frequently reminded of how many shitty ones there are out there. why can’t you just ignore my existence entirely while mawing through layers of nachos like how i ignore your awful hairstyles and wardrobe?

’tis the season!

here i’ll make it up to you this is the best part in the hangover:

i am so fat and bloated from being sick and barely moving the past few days i want a treadmill asap.

11 thoughts on “this is my favourite christmas house

  1. When I was a kid, there was a family in my neighborhood that used to decorate their home entirely in red Christmas lights and giant red spotlights they had pointed at the front of the house. My Mum and I called it Satan’s Mansion.

    oh and you think Burlington’s bad for lazy lights? You should see Niagara Falls!! Lots of examples of decorating fail there.

  2. That place just opened, the original Tin Cup is around the corner from me. You are so nearby! You should call me. :)

    There is a place in Oakville that has cars lined up driving past it every year, actually I think you took pics one year?

  3. do you mean the one opposite east side marios with the obnoxious thick tree branches in massive planters? that is exactly what i pictured when writing this.

  4. I don’t know if you are asking me, but if you are no it’s near Third Line and Rebecca, maybe you didn’t see that one? Not sure if they are even still there.

  5. Did your hairdresser tone your hair at all afterwards? The gold/orange/red undertones in your hair are a little bit too warm for your skin colour. Next time you see her get her to tone with a matte/green or a blue/violet demipermanent and it’ll cool it down a little. You’ll still have a lot of warmth in your hair but it won’t appear brassy.

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