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mail call

ahh so spoiled. keira fucking rules, here’s why but before that dave says thanks too cos there is nothing he wants more than more hello kitty shit littering his house. he is very pumped to now be the co-owner of a hello kitty chachka.

ooooh which one could it be?

the suspense was gonzo as i had the weakling pretty bad in-trying to tear this thing open.

good choice!!!! so whimsical i keep staring at it and sighing dreamily.

now these are why she rules. i went vintage shopping with keira in vancouver and spent way too much money then spied these on our way out, wanted them but forced myself to stop (i have a sunglasses collecting problem) and off we went. then sneaky goes back and gets them for me so sweet. i totally forgot about them too.

they come in super handy for sick season. mostly though i cannot wait for summer now more than ever.

lets go skipping.

there’s a video of me reading the card. i think i sound raspy and whispery in it.

keira is one of those girls everybody wants to hate cos they’re so perfect but then you meet her and realize she can get down and shitty like the best of ‘em, namely me. she has a heart of gold, clearly, and is a girl’s girl which i absolutely love. i am too, people never expect that of me but anyway, i relate to keira because her real life persona rules and i’m not saying that her blog persona doesn’t i just mean i was expecting perfection and all that comes along with it (can often be boring no?) but turns out she is a real human being. the only way i know how to compare it by is how people feel when they meet me and realize how great i am, right steph? you just have to meet her, the end.

thanks gill xoxo!

you too britt and brad <3.

sage is jazzed for summer too.

here she is today.

i set designed that dog hair pube fuzz to purposely be in the shot too fyi.

here i am nite one of being sick and letting my hair dry naturally. wavy mess monster.

the landlord came over to complain about his sick wife and i said fifty times in-between his heavy portuguese-accented english ramblings that i too was sick. i was sniffling and sneezing and coughing like crazy, blowing my nose, dude still didn’t get it. then he said i looked good. i always try to mask my sickness under loads of makeup then by the time i get to mascara i stop and it appears like i have no facial features haha. the landlord cannot handle playing wife, making meals, i almost said that is so portuguese of you. it was obvious he stormed out of the house in the middle of a spat cos he mentioned he was really sick. anyway it was cool feeling like i was on death’s door listening to twenty minutes of complaining.

ps. if you want to make a thing of my portuguese generalization i fully invite you to do so. i went to a largely-attended by portuguese kids elementary school as streetsville’s community is hugely port. based (as well as italian) fuck, all my best friends were ‘chops and one of which’s father helped build the school. also five years spent working in an indie hardware store makes me an expert on every single nationality there is. one portuguese dude wouldn’t ever let me lift top soil bags into his trunk “because i was a girl and would get dirty” i had to fight him on it meanwhile he’s got parkinsons and is like a thousand years old. i just had to outright ignore him and chuck those (heavy) things into the trunk clap my hands clean and on to the next customer. portuguese guys are great workers but make them clean something, fix a meal, anything remotely femaley and all of a sudden their work-ethic goes straight out the window.

then i got up to change. pissing in those overalls is super annoying you’re sitting there half naked shivering your ass off crouched on the toilet.

so pale. nice muscle def tho! too lazy to do a full mask.

if you’re ever bored go for a tan when you’re sick and feverish. i’ve done it in the past and it is the stupidest idea ever right after tanning following sushi (near-ass explosion) lunch. hi i’m sweating and snotting big time now i am going to lie in an ultra-violet superbed coffin for 8 minutes.

not much happening in these parts.

except eating every hour cos as long as i keep eating i forget i’m sick. starve a flu feed a cold? feed a cold starve a flu? haha exact same thing i have been going over that line in my head over and over also it’s helpful to know what exactly you’re sick with. do you like that my friend olive oil (on the stove) is also wearing an apron? she’s so martha stewart i love her.

i think i’m on the mend despite still feeling utterly brutal. this morning it was pleasing to clear my throat into the toilet. i say no more.

keira is all over the archives here and here.

17 thoughts on “mail call

  1. my husband bought me sock puppet footie pajamas for hanukkah and this morning i froze on the toilet the same way.

    but they’re cute

  2. speaking of keira.. can you please re-post the link to the youtube video of MG playing keira-anne in the Royal York hotel room? Can’t find that song anywhere…..

  3. deleted it. his fans were pissing me off way too much in the comments. only known recording/copy of it gone forever way to go mg fans.

  4. “i have a sunglasses collecting problem”…me too, big time. maybe we should compare collections. I LOVE those heart sunglasses. I am a girl’s girl in the biggest way…always have been. in fact, I think I just said to my husband yesterday: “I hate all men…except you”. (slight exaggeration but close to the truth)

  5. fact how can you hate on your own gender like that? girls for the most part think that because they are too insecure to rise above and bridge the gap or know how to get along with other females. there are loads of wicked chicks out there you just have to make an effort is all. guys are easy and require no skill whatsoever. i am easily a guy’s girl too but i find the older i get the more i appreciate women.

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