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dave wanted to know

is it true if you play pink floyd’s the wall the same time you hit play on the wizard of OZ does it sync up exactly? can some stoner let me know about this one? also, uh, how did the wizard of OZ predict a band like pink floyd was gonna come ’round? kidding i know it would be the other way around. UPDATE: it’s dark side of the moon not the wall, thanks yuula. check dark side of the rainbow on wikipedia. man, i hope my brother was right when he said one day i will have the capacity to smoke weed again.

you know if you watch any thing ever on tv and listen to any song, doesn’t matter what, it will all sync up. only if you’re on weed though. well not true i used to try to watch tv while mom was vacuuming before i ever did drugs or drank and that synced up just fine.

there’s a special day camp in the park and they are screaming their heads off something crazy right now it cannot be ignored. way fascinating. honestly it sounds like chimpanzees in the jungle.

i’m waiting on my moms and niece to come over to take ‘em around the city HURRY UP I’M A VERY BUSY PERSON.

is anyone else into big brother right now? i so am, first time since i saw’re it in england, before america ripped off their format. remember the very first big brother format tanked, uk’s soared so they copied it and that was in 2000 – we’ve been watching garbage television for a loooong time now. who do you think will win? i’m gunnin’ for jeff or jordan so they can go on that hawaiian cruise and he can finally plow her then get their own reality show spin-off that i can cry to cos her family is poor and loving and she is so stupid and sweet, the best kind. also hello, look at that guy.

you know after i hit publish and tweet/facebook my posts i can see each and every one of you guys on here NOT commenting. i’m gonna add a widget counter on the sidebar so you can see how many of you are on here at the same time. COSMIC.

aunt flo what’s up?

sorry for being a baby i just hate you so much sometimes and your silences are predictable.

34 thoughts on “dave wanted to know

  1. SOOO into Big Brother, it’s not even funny.

    I personally hope Jeff wins and then proposes to Jordan during the finale!

    Ohhh romance.

  2. a MILLION PEOPLE will comment on this but whatever im your best stoner friend
    it DOES sync up, for the most part, for the first run of both sides of the record, and it is way more impressive stoned. then the record gets played again and again and it becomes less synced and more annoying.
    the bloor theatre does it like twice a year and lets everyone hot box the theatre. pretty cool.

  3. a few comments-
    i have watched wizard of oz with dark side playing (stoned, yes) and it did ‘sync up. but i was stoned so maybe it just made sense. i was just talking about this the other night with andrew wondering how hard it would be to do that. but you’re right everything does seem to sync up.

    and second, i never ever watched bb and i’d make fun of people who did until i was in an accident and trapped in a bed and there was nothing else on except bb three times a week so i started watching it and ive been hooked ever since. and now i feel guilty for making fun of ppl in the past about it. its almost embarassing how happy i am that jeff won hoh last night.

    have fun touring the city ;)

  4. My brother had a VHS of Wizard of Oz that had the Dark Side Of The Moon synched over it, he bought off ebay. And I watched it (not stoned) and I was surprised how well they really did work together.

  5. you can totally watch the entire thing on youtube
    i think certain parts synch but not anything in particular, like often the tone or melody slows down/becomes more ominous at the same time with scene changes, etc.. i think that you probably make most of the meaning, our brains are trained to try and make sense of what we see.

  6. it’s the dark side of the moon
    the wall syncs up perfectly with the movie “the wall” though
    but yeah you start it when the lion roars and yes
    for awhile it does, then it doesn’t

    mostly the clocks during “time” is what makes it work and it syncs even if you’re sober but something about being blasted makes you jump on even more coincidences
    but yeah it’s true about the dark side of the moon

  7. my brother and I tried to sync it up when I was probably 13. It took so much coordination, playing it when the lion roars for the third time or something and in the end rather anti-climactic.

    side note — I went to the CNE (bad call, almost tossed my cookies) and in the warehouse part they have your discontinued whipped foundation stuff! Remember how nuts everyone went in the comments talking about concealer? Anyway, it’s a solid 5 bones! Wanted to let you know in case you go for the rides.

  8. I seem to remember my dad telling me pink floyd did it intentionally, but am too lazy to look it up and see if he was lying or not.

  9. Hi Raymi,
    cool pics ( as always )
    Yeah the cd does kinda sync up with the movie. It’s on YouTube somewhere if you don’t won’t to be bothered doing it yourself.

  10. I don’t do drugs, I don’t listen to pink floyd very often, I hate big brother and I haven’t watched the wizard of oz in years so i don’t have much to comment about. but i like that pink shirt you are wearing. hi!

  11. i remember being told to start the music with the SECOND lion’s roar…whatever, i was so impressed that i went on to conduct more stoner experiments like it, my favorite was watching gumby shows (vhs collection) along to the sneaker pimps. i probably lost a large chunk of my life to these sorts of things in highschool.

  12. the syncronicity is just a fluke
    read up on making of dark side – no mention of rainbow
    at all
    the lunatic is in my head
    where’s your counter?

  13. it’s been years but I do remember being super excited when the “cha-ching” at the beginning of Money was at the exact moment the movie changed over to color from black and white. (when she gets to Oz)

  14. well this is a band initiated by a schizophrenic dude/acid casualty and they wind up playin the pyramids and pompeii and the berlin wall and inflatin giant pigs and makin trippy movies like: watch this from 0:15 – they’re psychedelic as fuck so it’s not so hard to believe that they would have a movie on as they were comin up with songs.

  15. Rumors they did it intentionally; they were into the video/audio sync. The Wall being deliberate.

    But really, who the fuck knows.

  16. I’ve noticed that when your in a vehicle and you have the tunes going that people outside (almost always) walk to the beat.
    Just me?

  17. love the schoolteacher pic at the end; the bf is dead against getting a tattoo but once admitted he would get that exact picture done if he could a) find the right artist and b) know for sure he could withstand the pain (pff wimp!)

    i am secretly hoping for a backpiece, it would be perfect.

    it would go well with my cyrillic “Welcome to the Machine” tattoo idea i am thinking about for my shoulders..

    off topic, i know, but im just catching up on all the goings-on round here since i been gone…

  18. i am late to this but whatever. dark side syncs up with it, and it’s pretty sweet for the most part. no way it could have been done by accident.

  19. i really can’t bear to watch big brother. i don’t know if this happens in america, but not only do we have BB on ALL the time, but there are 2 (i think) other shows, where they only talk about what has just happened on BB – it’s overkill.

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