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you always love me more, miles away

here’s some highlights from last saturday’s all-out (wildly successful) gong show what was angie’s stagette. rad rad time and i am fully broke from it, pocketwise only, not my spirits.

it began atop the park hyatt, where the majority of our money was directly deposited.

angie holds a 1/4 of our bill in her hand, it’s cool she had a couple more and i did too. i inevitably asked our waitress how much these glasses were and when she told me i tried so hard not to flinch, or faint. i went out knowing i would blow my bank account. ok no more money complaining sorry we’re here to celebrate.

half the gang had to leave before us to prepare destination two.

where to? oh you’ll have to wait and see.

diggin’ on the sequins, ang.

old lady knitting lessons and tea prepare for wild times!

such a sweet place.

the quiches were by jamie kennedy. i ate like 5. and the pizza was also amazing. this was dinner for me and all of us, pretty much.

steph you woulda died in there.

gettin’ a little choked up awwwww.

spoon cozy!

casting on took me forever, even after multiple lessons. my brain just does not “get” “it” but when it FINALLY DID then i learned how to knit what? that wasn’t knitting what i just did? i was so the slow kid in this class so i made tons of jokes to overcompensate like for how i get through life daily.

pretty jazzed about it. yvonna is the most patient person in the world she deserves an award. you know when you’re teaching something to someone and you know full well that none of it is being retained, all going in one ear and out the other. yep. poor girl.

waiting for her to come around again to teach me for the fiftieth time. it all fell out of my brain. also when i got home i tried to keep the knitting going (blasted) and royally fucked it up, i have to start all over again but i am too wimpy to undo it all. angie you will receive your square in five years and that is not a promise.

so at this point in time a little visitor dropped in to “use the bathroom” and angie knew immediately what was up. guy didn’t arrive in his cop uniform like he was supposed to. ha ha remember my long screaming post about stag parties yes i am a total fucking hypocrite. i wrote that knowing i was in for this experience. fil knew about it and didn’t care as long as no touching. no worries there i sat with my hands on my head freaking out going AHH AHHH AHHHH the entire time anyway.

sharpie gets FULL credit for this genius idea. the running joke between her and angie is angie is an old lady and just wants to drink wine and knit, so drag her to a knitting circle and make her think that’s what her big wild last hurrah is going to be hahaha then BAD BOYS BAD BOYS WHATCHA GONNA DOOOOOO shows up. betty was teaching me how to cast on with her hands over my shoulders and the guy arrives and we both started trembling trying to keep it cool and play it aloof. so funny.

angie was such a good sport about it, so chill i would have shit my pants in embarrassment and turned purple.

time to get waaaaaaaaaasted.

good thing there was a bachelor party on the roof with a reserved section AND bottle service just lying around waiting to be shared with us. thanks guys! ok so here is the difference between stags and stagettes. THEY got a stripper for 2 hours for 300 bones. we had one for 3 songs. guys are gross. women are ladies. hmm two hours eh, why would you require the services of a stripper for two whole hours, what’s going on there?

complete with fans too. i personalized some of them.

the bachelor back in his glory days. dying of curiosity to know what the bride to be looks like.

hope that one didn’t get you in trouble the next morning, sorry!


this chick carla is a complete dead ringer for fil’s ex (of seven years)(whom is also my friend because i am the most understanding and patient woman in the universe and yes i deserve an award maybe ten) and it was blowing my fucking mind all nite, the more i drank the more she drank, personality, everything. i may as well have taken mushrooms.

once we drank all their booze we hightailed it to salvador darling for a little breather.

oh yeah and don’t forget how hot it was last saturday – it was like moving around in a sauna that you cannot escape. my hair got really interesting after awhile.

i attempted to limbo under this table and made it half way but cut it short as too much wall got in the way. if it was in the middle of the room i coulda done it. nothing spells party like concussion.

angie is the cutest and she laughs at all my dumb jokes. girl crush!

when these sorts of poses come out you know the magic’s working.

trying to get someone’s attention sitting in this thing is ridiculous. the pod absorbs all of your words and muffles them and because you can’t reach the floor you spin slowly turned away from everybody else and they can’t hear you banging on the wall of the pod to rotate you. awesome chair to watch tv in basically haha hi i’m raymi and i NOTICE THINGS READ MY BLOG.

i swear to god i went to elementary school with the dj and i so knew she liked chicks. don’t worry i didn’t say anything. for once.

off to circa’s vip room thanks kenny!

definitely the best and only way to tolerate that place is to have your own little treehouse away from the masses.

and a wall made of glass to spy on them by.

uh oh party photog got us in his sights.

another sweet chair.

i checked, all woman. not a dude.

love the horny mob surrounding each one, takin’ cell phone pics.

i told angie this is what i want to do with my life next. she said i need tits. is that a green light on a tit job? (this picture is awesome full size. one of those lucky timing shots in the dark when a strobe light swept the crowd. so much is going on. i made it my desktop wallpaper).

most amazing wig ever. a giant mane of fluorescent orange and hot pink attached to a roman chariot helmet thing. incredible.

see, two of them! fuck blogging!

this is what we looked like to everybody else. i hope they enjoyed my red underwear.

cool big head atop our vip box a la the simpsons tribal head mr. burns gifted them.


that dress just got cuter and cuter as the nite wore on.

deep thoughts with audrey.

why so serious? it’s completely normal taking a photo of three hot babes right, i just immortalized you relax. way to block my view, sweater vest.

circa is great for normies, really blows their minds! 25 bucks to get in too (not for us cool dewds though) that blew my mind.

then it was time to call it quits. angie and sharpie went off to get drinks and dance and everyone else realised how old and tired they were so we scattered. i got home around 2.30 i would have walked to save money had fil decided to meet me. then all my knitting came apart oh right i mentioned that. i’m too afraid to touch it!

loads more pictures in this set ya goofs!

14 thoughts on “you always love me more, miles away

  1. Oh man! Thanks Raymi!!!! So good to relive it! That was the awesomest night ever. And made even better by your presence and the gorgeous necklace you gave me!

  2. so disappointed that there was a stripper, after all of those posts, how many pages of back and forth comments about how messed up it was, lol

    i guess by the logic in the comments on that post, fil gets to knit and have a male cop stripper too now.


    and coincidentally i was just re-reading this post at that exact same part (tit job) when you commented

    cosmic hippie omg glitter omg kismet

  4. the part about getting people’s attention in the chair, so funny
    i wish fake tits weren’t so porno and obvious. c’s are the perfect size.

  5. so how much WERE the drinks

    how come male strippers don’t count as people but female strippers somehow do, with both you say “strippers” instead of “people” right. like it wasn’t this “girl” that came to the afterparty, it was this “stripper”, for example.

  6. “hmm two hours eh, why would you require the services of a stripper for two whole hours, what’s going on there?”

    no kidding. did she bake a souffle or something? i’d only need her for about 30-35 seconds.

    300 bones for 2 hours….let’s see….$20 bucks a song…average song being 4-5 minutes….actually they did alright.

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