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my buddies’n me are gettin real well known

girl longboard date with chelsea was a success. we’ve been meaning to make it happen for what, three years now?

the befores. (humidity made my hair all cavegirl).

after. sweaty and made it back in the nick of time to watch the crazy sky turn dark and all the patio shit fly around on the balcony. scary fun.

she watched me stress out over hell’s kitchen (seriously my hand is a claw after playing a few rounds of it and my back is super tensed up, v bad for blood pressure and anxiety)(speaking of, yesterday before chelsea came over i had a panic attack and i gather it’s the heat that does it to me. i tried to walk with fil and his bike to pump up the tires but had to come back and wait it out. i just can’t live like this anymore, every hot day makes me pant and hyper-ventilate. it’s debilitating and embarrassing. what the fuck can i do about it seriously what is wrong with me? i said to fil i cannot live like this anymore i’m not going through another summer holed up because it’s balls hot out and hello i WANT to go out and get some sun. after awhile of downtime i’m fine, a brew and a chat and a chill pill but really, it wasn’t even hangover anxiety i barely drank friday nite. anyway i’ll complain more about it later) oh right so yeah hell’s kitchen wasn’t fun it was just scary so we played cooking mama instead while we waited out the rain.

fil made it to stefan’s bbq just in time.

chelsea wanted some ironic tattoos drawn on her for an activist thing she was going to? anyway this one is an homage to my friend pokey, she has a real (mad better) version of this on her arm.

i’m stacked you better believe it.

i had a roadie ready to bring to the bbq then fil called to say party’s over so i just drank it at home and it got on his (drunk) nerves a lot. WHAT the bottle was sticky get over it sorry you can’t handle hobo chic. then we played hell’s kitchen and it was actually fun cos the inebriation made me (everyone) less scared and on edge. despite the wimpy shit, i do recommend this game, i got it cheap from that new video game store near the tap. they sell used (and new) everything.

burn. fil thinks he’s more tanned than i am.

i purged a ton of clothes for chelsea, feels great. she reworks things too so that makes me feel extra good about it.

i’ve been pumped for today for over a week and the weather is so crap. not gonna let it get me down.

17 thoughts on “my buddies’n me are gettin real well known

  1. Have you had your thyroid checked? Heat sensitivity can be a symptom of hyperthyroidism. And it can be accompanied by anxiety as well. Hope you feel better.

  2. Argh, sorry to hear you had a rough day. It sounds just like mine. Crazy anxious day for no real reason. Today will be better. I love Gordon ramsey, but he always stresses me.

  3. You and your friend look adorable! I had a panic attack this week too-happens to me almost every spring, like clockwork. and I don’t even drink anymore! I feel your pain.

  4. When people say it’s beautiful outside when it’s 30 degrees I do not understand them. 30 degrees to me is as bad as minus 30. I like room temperature. Today is WAY nicer than yesterday…

  5. Is Hells kitchen just a stressed out version of cooking mama? That hot dog reminds me of cooking mama….(lamest/simultaneaously best recipe ever! HA HA!)

  6. I miss the Wii, it’s sitting in a sad pile because the X-box took it’s place. And I have no idea where all the wires and shits go. Is that game better than Cooking Mama? I think I’m gonna have to come all the way over, that couch looks so comfy.

  7. Hey raymi i wounld like to know what are your thoughts, on whats going on with the flu thing that started in mexico and now is going around. it’s been talk on the radio alot and news.

  8. If you’re hot, don’t have your oven on Raymi. In summer, it gets to 45 degrees Celsius here in Australia! Killer heat-waves.

  9. Hi Raymi, it’s Amanda, Wonderland bartender. I forgot to say congratulations on soon-to-be getting hitched, so…congrats! Also, I hope you went on Behemoth in the end.

  10. It was great seeing this chelsea person kickin it with the Raym’.
    – looks like you guys had fu-uuuuuun.
    About heat and wilting.. I am now allergic to heat and literally break out in red splotches and dots, (used to beach-it ever summer and get deep deep tan and surfer ratty-blonde)
    and i want to go somewhere like Arid-zona!?
    wtf s wrong with me?
    RAYMI you are right on schedule. You will be OK! Chin up comrade`!!“““~~

  11. i’ve been craving roller coasters lately and someone told me about marine world this weekend, then i found out that’s the same place a roller coaster stopped upside down and everone had to hang with blood rushing to their heads for 2 hrs!! it was all over the news a couple of years ago- ugh so terribly painful to think about.
    btw that post you wrote about hatin’ on the coach bags is one of my favorites ever. you should win the nobel prize for that one alone.

  12. jeez i keep leaving you comments in the wrong post comment boxes all the time. sorry i’ll try harder.
    or actually i’ll just cool my jets for a while and not spazz out all over your comments all the time. haha yeah right. xoxo

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