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this (with all due respect) over the hill blogger says that a ouija board is an inappropriate gift for a little girl (ten year old).

1. he’s biased cos he believes in the lord and 2. how is using your imagination inappropriate? ps. raising spirits and predicting the future is about as real as god is.

in grade 6 we had this fair fundraiser in the gym to raise money to go toward a school trip and me and this girl were going to read people’s fortunes, we brought in scarves and a red lightbulb and i even brought my ask zandar crystal ball (i was going to heavily rely on it) anyway, the nite before the sale this guy i was “going with” casually tells his mom about the fundraiser, she asks what it’s all about, he tells her about the various tables that would be there and says there’s going to be a fortune teller, i guess he was proud that his new gf was going to be predicting the future? anyway, this lady flips out and calls my teacher, blathering on about the evil of magic and how it goes against catholicism and so on, meanwhile my teacher that year was notoriously religious and she saw no problem with this jokey little fortune booth but anyway, parents always win (you assholes) so the fortune table was shut down. teacher told us that morning so we got to mill about uselessly the entire afternoon and made zero dollars.

the point is, you stupid fucking hypocrites can believe in god and heaven and hell but you poo poo psychics and clairvoyants and ouija boards? how arrogant and deluded you are.

that was pretty much the beginning of my athiesm right then and there, the funniest thing is he had to fess up to me about it and i had to be all oh naw naw that’s cool no biggie. meanwhile i was tangenting my face off over some crazy religious parent and he had been silently taking it all day. i didn’t fully mind cos i was wearing this brand new slutty cheerleader skirt my mom just bought me for my birthday and i snuck it to school so i got to walk around the gym all afternoon showing off.

that dude later made out with a girl from another school at a party i didn’t go to weeks later and my friends found out about it and forced him to tell me and it took all my mental powers not to show it affected me then later on that day at recess the fuckin’ girls walked to our school and called me over to the fence to further torment me, didn’t care they all had crimped hair and looked like gina from boy meets world – the only thing i cared about was that i had decided to keep my gym shorts on and my long sleeved striped grunge shirt and had a greasy ponytail ‘do that day = zero game. fuck grade 6!