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last nite was bananas

oh mg, good good times.

waitin’ for the sooobway.

pitt gets kudos for the genius what was the giant beer, lazy waitresses can scram.

flashing the geniuses inside.

oh hai.

go away groupies.

get the hint.

hey britt.

here comes a bunch of fail.


total F.

yes more fail.

last chance big fail.

my show pics are not too amazing (fil’s will no doubt be phenomenal), i was fiddling with my camera settings and entered confusionville, couldn’t remember if 7M was better than 5M or 3M ungh.

god will my bangs just fucking grow!

so pretty.

it’s neat to see matt sing without a guitar in his hands, looks so naked.

backstage again trying not to get in everyone’s way.

oh hi i think i’ve seen your face before.

hung out in the front for a few.

i went for a super tan two days ago and wtf nothing, maybe i’ll go again today.

groooooooooopies, some even for me. one guy in the green room during the after party 6 feet away from matt goes YOU’RE SICK MATT GOOD! hahahaha.

pete slipped suzie a non-alcy beer ahhahahahahaa i told her when i was going down the fire escape when she started lipping me and kept going she goes oh that sucks. she told me all nite long how hot fil was like I KNOW ALREADY SHUT UP DO YOU WANT ME TO PUNCH YOU NOW OR LATER?

that is some unforgiving lighting.

matt was hella bagged.

britt was making fun of me, whatever, next time you can just LEAVE!

you’re welcome.

pete said i was hot all nite long so burn on fil.

love you matt see you in ‘sauga.

nice meeting everyone else too!

pics of drunkaoke to come.

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