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i can’t remember when it was good


Hi Raymi,

Hiiiiiiiii! I all of a sudden had a brain fart and was hoping you may be able to help! I’m working on a show that deals with women, body image & plastic surgery. We have an episode that is dealing with body modification – specifically tattoos. We’re looking for one guy with a tattoo (from 4-5:30pm) and two guys without (from 5:45-7:15) to spend sometime on camera with us tomorrow. We’re going to be shooting a fun social experiment that looks at men’s impression of women with and without tattoos.


britt claims to have intended to buy this for me, kept it for herself instead.

this is what time to go home looks like.

britt and her friend told me stories about their time in boarding school which lead to britt thinking i would have made a good boarding school kid, heh, yeah right, which lead to me telling just how i fared in “boarding school” england: ketamine, one nite stands, stealing furniture, walking into other people’s rooms during dinner to just hang, one girl stole my fake id, sneaking out at nite, coming back to sign in and take off again, hangovers, and i didn’t miss one class. anyway, memmooooooooories.

now i’m going to ADD clean the bathroom.

i almost just made myself barf while whitening my teeth, i see how long i can go with all the crap in my mouth before my gag reflex kicks in.

don’t you just love deucing so hard that it cancels out having to exercise today!

hey join this event ya dicks!

oh yeah everyone before matt good‘s show on thursday, go to the imperial pub/bar/tavern, whatever it’s called, same one as last time, upstairs, and this time TALK TO ME and/or INTRODUCE YOURSELF no wimpy staring from across the room!

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